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  1. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg can someone tell me what’s happening with my grow . Outdoors temp range from 79-90 degrees everyday cool mornings . Fox farm soil. Started from a High grade bag seed.

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  2. Male with mites?
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  3. Yeah you've been growing a male and it looks like it's infested with something. Where abouts do you live? The light cycle probably forced it to flower very early in its life.
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  4. I don’t see no bananas on it and it’s in the southern region. I really hope it is not I’m preparing to have an indoor grow room . Will start around oct 1st when I move to my new house. But until then I have to grow outside .
    So until then is this plant able to be saved or worth the grow?
  5. It's growing seeds, its full male.
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  6. Sorry 100% male like they said. I feel ya it sucks! No bud on a male-
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  7. Now you know what to look for early you will probably be able to identify it much quicker in the future.
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  8. Google image male marijuana plants.
    No throw it out especially if there are any others around.
  9. There is no other plant I have seeds but I wanted to wait until I moved indoors ! Man that sucks smh :( for real smh it stinks good too smh welp on to the next thanks guys I’ll put post up of my new grow in a few weeks ! Thanks for the input !
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