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tell me... does this just ooze mushiness or what?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, May 25, 2003.


does this just ooze with sap or what?

  1. yeah... disgustingly

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  2. yeah... but not that much

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  3. nah... not really

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  1. i was walking home from my friends house today and saw some of these really awesome flowers next to the creek... they branched out at the tops. the very outside ring was white petaled flowers and the insides were little off-white ones (looked like little balls)... so i thought "hey (insert girls name here) would like this" so i picked one and continued my journey home. somewhere along the line i got the idea of putting some buttercups in the center... then some baby cat-tails and sprigs behind 'em. then i get home and check my back yard to see if the bushes were in bloom. there's a lot nice violet, pink, and reddish flowers growin that i arrange around the white centers... i picked 1 violet and put it in the center in the front-center, and the cat-tails and sprigs in the center. i tied it all together and plan on giving it to her tomorrow :D no special ocassion or anything... just wanting to do something nice :)
  2. aaahhhhhh..... how cute:) thats sweet.. she will love it...
  3. Awwwwwwww.............that was soooooooo sweet!!!!!! Why don't we have men like you around these parts??????
  4. definately oozes mushiness........
    posies for no reason are sweet,sweet sweet
    hope ya geta nice kiss

  5. being considerate doesn't hurt one bit........just don't let your friends see or you'll never hear the end of
  6. Yep. That's pretty mushy.

    But if ya can tell by the female responses up there^^^^

    Mushiness can take ya places ya might want to go.;)

    And what gravy said also applies here too!:D

  7. it was a bit of a walk to my house, so i had the most part of the boquet made before i got home... got a few laughs here and there as people drove by. didn't bother me one bit though :D
  8. go cottons!
    you smooth smoothie you.

    any time i did things like that in the past i just got laughed at all to hell... i dont generally do those sorta things anymore. i think i developed a complex about it! lol

  9. you rock cottons. :D sooooo the (insert girls name here) is whom may I ask?!!!
  10. What's this supposed to be oozing of????

    Anyway, it oozes!!! Very nice job!!! :D
  11. i like things that ooze..
  12. you know who it is sensi. not denny's chica... the other girl i was tellin you about :D i finally told her how i felt last wednesday (was definately a weird day)... anywayz, there's hope! :D

  13. You've obviously never seen the plumbing under my house.
  14. hehe i thought you were talking about magic mushrooms :) i was scared when you said they were oozing hehehehehe

    that is a wholesome thing to do
  15. me too! ;)
  16. hahahahah, i was like, uh, that had no relevance to mushrooms at all....

    but then a serious of totally rare and random events made everything click

    (these events also refered to as brain activity ;) )

    god i need a joint, good thing im buying a nice o in ohhhhhh, 2 hours.
  17. are you lost?

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