Telescope discovers surprising hole in space

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by HeavyHands, May 12, 2010.

  1. Awesome find dude
  2. [​IMG] NGC 1999 is the green tinged cloud towards the top of the image. The dark spot to the right was thought to be a cloud of dense dust and gas until Herschel looked at it. It is in fact a hole that has been blown in the side of NGC 1999 by the jets and winds of gas from the young stellar objects in this region of space.
  3. Is it just empty space or
    ifyou go into that area you fall into it
    I'm really blazed and can't make sense of this
  4. There is no "falling" in space...
  5. yea..i meant like you go into that area and end up somewhere else
    was really high :cool:
  6. It's a hole in a cloud of dust, it's black because space is black.
  7. That image is an infrared shot, that blackness inside the green cloud supposedly reaches temperatures BELOW absolute zero. Pretty mind blowing
  8. Does that mean there are only waves in that area?
    (beta, gamma)
    idk what I'm talking about I think I remember talking about this during gym(wtf?)

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