Telekensis(real or fake)

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  1. I posted this in a thread but decided to make it's own :)

    One time I was meditating(I was experimenting with Buddhism for about 6 months) and I heard errrrchchh! Behind me. Turns out my pencil holder had slid across the table. So I'm like oh shit my house is haunted, but chill out and try meditating again. As I was ending and letting my thoughts flow again I think about the pencil holder, I opened my eyes looked at it and suddenly felt extremely angry twords it. Keep in mind I had just smoked a bowl of dank from a pill bottle bubbler, and with no warning it looked like a hand reached from my forehead and grabbed the pencil holder and pushed it off the table. I then calmed down and started freaking out, and went to bed. I don't know if I was blown or not, but I looked it up and it's called telekinesis. Have never tried it since. :smoke:
  2. This may be long so i apologize in advance. I know quite a bit about kinesis as I can do it as well! Every human being has the ability to perform telekinesis or kinesis in some state ( pyrokinesis, umbrakinesis, hyrdrokinesis, etc. etc.) we as humans have a large portion of our brain that goes unused. It is said that this is where this normally untapped ability lays. smoking may have made youre mind make a subconscious connection to that part of youre mind. In theory, what happens is youre body is given the ability to bind atoms and molecules together using thought, or sometimes youre own. what I have to say to you i guess is try out this exercise and work off from there: meditate and focus on the middles of youre palms. you should start to feel pressure build there and a slight tingling sensation. This is youre bodies energy being released. scientifically our body moves by electric impulses and ketosis. These are forms of energy. This energy is also reffered to as chi or chakra. The ponts in youre palms are chakra points. There are main chakra points descending vertically in the core axis of youre body, but there are also smaller ones. So try out the exercise, gather the energy in youre palms, and see if you can form it intoa ball and throw it at something. its a great begining exercise. Once again sorry for the long post.

  3. That sounds like...Idk. Childish? Like but that's just the gov.s brainwash. So like. This stuff is real?
  4. fa fa fa fake.
  5. well it is real to me and works for me. It takes a fuuuuccckkk ton of time to get super powerful with it. You basically have to dedicate youre life to it if you want that to happen. There are monks who do though, and could probably rape ass using TK. It does sound childish and magical, but it is possible. Human thought if powerful enough can do some very crazy things. Most powerful thoughts tap into the more primal parts of our brain because its attached to our emotions, which are easier to recognize than something unused in our subconscious. Therefore our minds rarely stray to that part of our brain that clicks on TK. Its just a very ancient piece of our lost history. As I say, the human mind is the final frontier.
  6. I'm just going to leave you with 3 words:

    Anything can happen.

  7. i just vaped some teach in my mflb and i dono if i just really stoned but but that sounds like some baked shit man
  8. nah man i am stoned, but this is something i was researching long before i started toking. Its a crazy concept, but like I said, the human mind is the final frontier.who knows what other potentiality us humans are capable of.

  9. Hahaha,

    Sorry, can i see some evidence of this even being remotely possible please.
  10. This ^

    I have a pretty open mind about things (I believe in metaphysics, divine forces, and supernatural stuff, but I believe its only magic because we don't under stand the science behind it.) However that being said, until I see undeniable proof I can't accept telekinesis as an actual fact.

    I have practiced it in my youth, though never had any results.
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    [ame=]Chi Energy Amazing Footage - YouTube[/ame]
  12. Sounds like gravity to me. If telekinesis was real someone would have figured that shit out by now and posted it on YouTube.
  13. I take it you didn't watch the youtube video I just posted.
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    So I've decided I was gonna try to meditate so the first time I tried it was yesterday I never made it to a meditation state after I attempted to meditate I felt like crap no energy afterwards and today I tried and I got the same result no meditation and shakiness tired I don't no what I'm doing need help plz
  15. You asked to see some evidence that showed this to be remotely possible. I then posted the video. I didn't say it was proof. I gave you what you asked for. This guy was under scientific examination while he was doing things that appear to be almost magic. He claimed he spent a year on his own meditating in the jungle. Did you watch it all?
  16. How do you think our body moves? Using energy. Everything is made up of energy. Most of ourb doies energy is created int he form of electricity, since our brains sends electrical impulses using neurons. There are points on the body where this energy can be tapped into and used outside of our form (body). Who's to say that in the somewhat 70 percent of our brain matter that we dont use, there is a way to use this energy outside of ourselves and make it work at our will? Alot of people dont post shit like this on youtube or come out and say they can do it because of ridicule. Its like people who claim to have seen bigfoot or any other cryptid. They dont like talking about it because they "arent supposed to exist." Most humans are very ignorant. The herb is supposed to make you less ignorant, open youre eyes and explore the possibilities.

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