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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by -, Aug 31, 2002.

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  1. i\'ve read some more posts, now i know why there are so many idiotic posts, most of you are teenagers, there are a few adults but there are many more kids, i can\'t help a kid grow weed.
  2. ..yeah well fuck you too.
  3. You\'re the best critter. I wish I had your patience and good humour. Oh well, who says a person can\'t change?
  4. Sounds like someone feels he is more mature than the rest of us :p
  5. To me, pot helps me relax and let things go that are bothering me. With one of these wonderful little toys that we are playing with right now (the computer) you have complete control over what happens on that screen in front of you. If you don\'t like something, all you gotta do is *click*.....and it\'s gone! I don\'t know why you felt the urge to straighten everyone out here at the City, but a word of advice;

    Change what you can. Accept what you can\'t.

    If you\'re so concerned about posting to kids, then just don\'t!

    By seeing your screen name, it\'s apparent that you came here with an agenda.

    Some of the people here may be a little short on the chronological scale, but many of them are wise beyond their years. All of the kids that I like showed up to peace out, act goofy, and contribute what they can. It\'s one\'s like you that that give newbies a bad name.

    So \'Killer, with the wave of my magic mouse, I\'m sending you to the nether world. One click and you no longer exist in my world.

    May God have mercy on your soul.

  6. I too am A \"kid\"

    and I thank you critter & smokinokie for sticking up for us

    thanks guys

  7. never mind eh...

    edit: Critter, Okie- wiser words have never been spoken.
  8. Teens are people too, though I am not one I do appreciate the positive things they bring to the board. While some get up to crazy shanigans that I would be fearfull of my gets getting into, its a give and take. Maturity is not only a way to act but also how to treat others.

  9. yes, thankee thankee to critter and smokinokie for stickin up fer us.....

    i think the only kid here is you man.
  10. i\'m a teen, but i don\'t really ask many questions from people, i\'m more likely answering them. Killer you don\'t need to answer any \"kids\" questions if you don\'t want, theres a lot of others that can take care of it.
  11. See KILLERNEWBIE, Most everyone was a newbie once, Not all of us where born with the gift of knowing everything. Hell before i smoked I thought a bowl of weed was like the size of a serial bowl. But you were special. You always knew everything about smoking growing rolling, toking, and you are indeed special for that. SPECIAL FUCKING ED. FUCK asked the same fucking questions, if not how the fuck did you find out. Its people like you that make Newbies scared to smoke in front of experianced people, yor the reason kids try and hold that cough in. Your the reason they pretend high. I HATE PEOPLE LIKE YOU. But i still think your special.(ED) WOW, that was the first flaming post ive ever done, I fell kinda bad... Wait no i dont

    PS looks yor a newbie to this site, newbies are dumb, i cant belive your a newbie we shouldl amke fun of you till you cry, its funny you didnt know about this site till you came here, everyone else did. i cant belive someone is that dumb.(SARCASTIC)
  12. I remember my first Toke back in 1985 or 86\'. I smoked weed before I ever got drunk. Everyone was a newbie once. I remember my dad had to pick me up from a friends house about a half hour later. I was very paranoid...but I got over it. My dad never had a clue.

  13. What kind of a response are you expecting?

    The only idiot here is you.
  14. * tear *

    What a fucking jackass.
  15. woody

    I wondered why he didn\'t answer any of the posts. Intresting atittude, makes you wonder what kinda burr he has up his......... Oh, by the way you mentioned driving for an agency, neat huh? I work at night three days a week moving cars around the city, in my opinion, most relaxing.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  16. WOO HOO!!!!

    SJ IS \"DA MAN!\"
  17. It is up to us elders to teach the younger generation the facts and our experiences. We must help in any way we can, so that other generations can live long and prosperous lives instead of dieing from un true facts.

    Being an elder myself, as well as most of the members on this board, I feel that we can all teach what we know to every one. I know more now than I did last week. It wasn\'t from a lot of bitching and name calling, just general conversation.

    If a human being doesn\'t learn 1-5 new things a day, that person is dead! A quote that I made up years ago.

    There are new and better ways to live life every day, all you have to do is wake up and open your eyes and ears! Another quote of mine.

    May peace find you friend!!

  18. I agree!!!
  19. For the record....I LOVE OUR KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell would we do without them?

    I SO hate to get sappy but, damn, we\'re a family here; and for the most part, I don\'t see the ages of you guys and you certainly can\'t judge by age around here. I can think of two people recently that I found out were \"kids\" and I thought they were much older than that. Sometimes, you see the age of people in their posts but mostly not.

    I was giving newbie a chance and somewhat took up for him but by attacking a group of people here (teenagers), I felt attacked, too. Some of my favorite Blades here are teenagers...oh god, I\'m misty eyed....where\'s that damn bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. And i love you too RMJL, i also feel that where all family here, this is the best website i\'ve ever been to in my life. I have never spent so much time on just one site before.

    much love everyone, and happy growing
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