Teenage Brainwashing ( deppressing )

Discussion in 'General' started by Golem-146, Jul 12, 2003.

  1. Uh. Wow.
  2. if i got sent there i would pretend to be good then like go on a killing spree...just on my parents
  3. holy shit... thats horrible! I can't believe the parents are so stupid!
  4. wow that really FUCKED UP!!! id break out a smoke up on some of that crazy jamaica dank.
  5. OMG thats horrible... whoever would send their kid so that place has to a sick minded person... fuck!
  7. cant believe thats legal....i didnt read it all, doed the gov. let happen?
  8. Sounds like a good place to spend your childhood.
  9. One question that sprung to mind upon reading this article was, who assesses the quality of the parents. For a child to be so emotionally disturbed as to need sending to this institution in the first place, exactly what standard of parenting are their parents claiming to have provided. This seems more an example of the blame someone or something else culture rampant in the world today. I would stake money on the majority of children coming out of these institutions suffering psychological problems in the years to come.

  10. it's not about the child being emotionally disturbed.....many regular people like you and me are sent there.

    Kids who are having casual sex are sent there.
    Kids who are smoking pot and or doing other drugs are being sent there. Kids who were molested have been sent there... Kids who get in trouble at school or just dont do well in school go there. Kids who seem depressed go a there. And you can even be ordered to go there by the court system instead of going to juvenile hall or if you're 18 jail.

    I should know, I've been there
  11. It would be complete if it had a few gas chambers and ovens....jesus christ thats just sick...you wouldnt think such a nice and friendly Jamaica would have this....

  12. holy shit you were at that place? fucked up
  13. I studied psychology for several years...
    This is a highly inefficient method which can potentially cause psychological damage...
    Over and over again, studies and experiments support that reinforcement through reward is much more effective than reinforcement through punishment...

    This is absolutely appalling to see such things exist...
    I personally feel this is worse than death...
    To rob a child of what I consider to be more important than life...
    That being his or her individuality, thoughts, and sanity...
  14. Once I got out, I'd kill my parents, and everyone associated with that place.

    When I first read this article it reminded me of 'A Clockwork Orange'.
  15. Yeah, and its not fucking pretty. There's a lot they dont mention. I'll explain a bit later. But like when they have you in the seclusion observation room. If you move and your not supposed to they grind your elbows and knees into the ground until they fucking bleed. Not to mention throw you into walls, refuse to give you food and water at times, and if you try and report them all they do is deny that it ever happened. It's the most corrupt place you can possibly be. Not to mention a bunch of horny drug dealers, gang members, and psychos all locked up in the same room creates some tention if ya know what I mean. So I had my share of fights.

    They have those facilities in America as well, run by the same guy. Kay Jay. In Montana, Utah, Idaho, Jamaica, and Mexico.

    Mexico was shut down a few years ago because a kid actually died in there. All they said was "he was refusing water and was dehydrated, when he decided to assault the staff we restrained him and he became unconscience. He later died".
    Lol and guess what.....they're open once again, this fuckin year.

    And its not the parents fault. If you look at the websites and brochures and the words and bullshit they feed your parents they make it look like fuckin summercamp. They send a video with actors saying how much they loved it there and how much it saved there lives. It shows girls and boys running around together (its forbidden to look or to be in the same room as girls). They show kids laughing, they dont show kids doing pushups in snow, or kids lifting heavy rocks from one hole to another. Or kids being thrown into walls. Or kids trying to kill themselves. They dont show the skimpy meals they give you. So the parents think they're doing there "out of control son" good. And if you're court ordered there instead of going to jail, i've seen guys 18-20 hit a juvenile while in the program just so they can go back to jail. Because that place is fucking worse, so much fucking worse.

    Not to mention when someone tries to run, they cant get away.

    its in the midle of nowhere. Either in a secluded island with zero population around you like Jamaica. Or way up in the mountains where its below 0 degrees and miles and miles away from people like in Montana. Oh and if you do run and the guards dont tackle you and beat you to a pulp (its happened) then they send out helicopters and snowmobiles (in montana) and charge your parents a minimum ten thousand dollars. Its hidden in small writing on the contract, aint that funny?
  16. I admire your strength...
  17. Is there anything you could do to fight back? get some sharp object and just try to kill the sons of bitchs?
  18. not really, its happened rarely. There was one case where someone got up and told a guard he had to piss (this was way after lights out). He went to the bathroom and took the metal end of a vacuume cleaner from a shower stall which he hid earlier. And came out and busted the fuckers face in. The doors are all locked shut though and by the time support staff came in the kid was on the ground getting all kinds of submissions and restraints pulled on him.
  19. Daaamn. If my parents sent me there, I wouldn't kill em. I'd tell them exactly what happens there, cut all ties to them, and hope to never run into them again throughout my entire life.
    "the most loving gift a parent can give him is incarceration"
    JW, what're the worst things that happened to you there, and what're the worst things you saw happen there? And... why were you sent there in the first place?

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