Teen Syndrome *Tear*

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  1. I'm 21 but ppl usually think I'm anywhere from 16-19 mostly (get 17 a lot) everytime I buy liquor the ppl stare like theyre being pranked or some shit lol, they usually stare at my I.D. look at me & then look back at my I.D. I mean hello,it doesn't say some shit like mclovin on it so obv its the real deal lol

    anyone else suffer from teen syndrome??
  2. Ehh I'm 30 and still get the "you don't look your age" comments when I buy liquor.
  3. Right now, it is a pain, but in 40 years, "Dang, you don't even look 50!" sounds awful good! :D

    Granny :wave:
  4. That's how I look at it! I'm 24 but easily pass for 19 and I don't mind one bit.
  5. I feel like I posted this before..I'm having deja vu XP
    but thats very true,I just feel like ppl see me like a little girl
    I mean even though I act like a kid I'm still a young adult :smoking:
    plus I guess in my 40s-50s itll be for the better loool
    cept for these damn bags under my eyes!
  6. freshly shaved i look like a little boy (damn that sounded terrible)
  7. loool it made me think of something else :rolleyes:
    haa yea thats how my bro is,babyfaced
  8. [​IMG]
  9. [​IMG]

    :rolleyes: I joke I joke..
  10. I hated it when I was like 17-18ish but now that I'm old enough to do all the fun stuff I just wanna return to the glory days of my youth. 19 was such a good year
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    I kid I kid

    Don't worry I got the opposite problem lol ill remember when im 16 with a mustache and A mini beard lol don't need I'd when I go to most smoke shops :) except for some liquor can't wait till I'm 21 but I guess I got to

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  12. 19 was like the bestes year ever for me! :)
  13. ill be turning 21 this feb, can't wait to go to walmart buying 3 30s and a couple of bottles haha i look like i am 17 no facial hair
  14. Dam bro have fun when u do my facial hair adds like 5 years on my face lol

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  15. feb 17?
  16. sweet..well happy freakishly early bday :D loool
    get shitfaced for me :smoking:
  17. I need body shots to confirm your original post

    Be happy your young looking, it will pay off later in life
  18. Yeah. People can't believe I'm 23 when I tell them. And that was before I shaved my beard >.>…

    I'm guessing most people who see me walking around town wonder where the fuck my parents are
  19. loool whoa unless u look 10 no1 should be wondering where ur parents are :D
    made me giggle..but I get it :rolleyes: ppl have a bad tendency to stare when I tell them Im 21 they look in disbelief
  20. story of my life haha. Just turned 27 and most people think I'm about 18!! I get carded for everything, its lame lol, not that I go to movies often but I have def gotten carded for rated R movies in the past yr or so.... people assume I just graduated HS or something, and are shocked when I tell them I graduated college in 09 HA

    All the old people always tell me "oh you're lucky, just wait til your older" blah blah blah. Guess we'll see in like 20 yrs.

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