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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RzaStyle, May 9, 2011.

  1. So I got stoned, and went to the grocery store to get some munchies. While I was there, I noticed a lady talking to someone through her phone. They were having a fucking video webcam chat or whatever WHILE SHOPPING IN TARGET. It was high fucking quality as well. Can you guys stop and think what the future will be like? Fucking robots, imagine the video games, transportation, space, laser beams everywhere, 6 yearolds will have ipads v20.

    Imagine trying to explain this shit to someone from the 1300s. Sorry for the random thread, pretty high.
  2. Yea science and technology blows my mind at times as well haha. I always wondered where the hell the floating skateboard went. According to back to the future were suppose to have some now
  3. Why care what's in the future? Just cross that bridge when you come to it.... If you're ever in the 1300's with an Ipad v20, good luck to you.
  4. Dude, we're already living in the future! Think about it, most people now have a portable computer+phone in their mofuckin pockets!! I wad thinking about it the other day, the concept of lighters that is. Holy shit we have PORTABLE FIRE in our pockets! WHAT??!! the future is now my man.
  5. crazy shit, the internet never fails to blow my mind it makes no sense to me how it works

  6. We had lighters in the 70's, so according to you the future was 40 years ago lol
  7. yeah and in the future think how much more we'll know about the universe! considering how fast technology is moving. in the 17th century we just began researching space and 99 years ago we came up with a pretty good theory as to how 'everything' is here (the big bang). Think what we could know in 1000 years :smoking:
  8. They said in 2015 we'd have floating skateboards. It's only 2011 buddy.
  9. #9 Eight Sizzler, May 9, 2011
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    I swear I thought it was 2010..... I rewinded the movie right now and your right haha. Either way..... ill be waiting . I think I need to go smoke another bowl.
  10. We're already creating artificial plants that can use photosynthesis. I imagine we'll clone an army to fight for us (imagine the wars..). The options are limitless. Humans are evolving as we speak, studies that show we're developing a 3rd DNA strand. I think humans are becoming a lot less physically restrained. We'll no longer need to to exert physical energy with all the robots, automated machines, etc. They're actually saying that in time, people will actually be able to upload their consciousness to a computer before they die and live forever. WHAT THE FUCK.
  11. whaaaaaat!
    in that case I want a built in porn drive
  12. Billions of people have lived and died before us, and I would have it no other way for myself. Immortality would be a curse.

  13. Nonetheless the concept of portable fire is crazy to me:smoke:
  14. You just blew my fucken mind

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