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  1. I'm new to techno... I mainly want to listen to it because techno keeps me in the zone while I'm lifting. Could anyone reccommend some songs or artists?
  2. well i like techno occasionally but I can't stand the giddy stupid techno. a band that I really like is The Crystal Method. they have a lot of good stuff.
    that's the closest thing to techno that I really like I also like a lot of electronic but some ppl don't condsider that your average techno music either.

  3. lol:D
  4. Me, I have New Stuff right now, I'm Always working on some Genre.
  5. Paul Oakenfold, Pendulum (more like Drum & Bass), Infected Mushroom, DJ Tiesto.
    A couple of my faves are...

    I feel like dying- DJ italian sensation (no wayne verses dont wrry)
    Granite- Pendulum
    Ready steady Go- Paul Oakenfold
    Almost anyting by Infected Mushroom.

    Theres tons of techno out there, its just a little hard to find at times.
  6. Try some minimal techno - you can sample some at Beatport, a good website to buy singles (but I usually end up getting stuff off torrents afterward). Artists with excellent, complex beats that really end up making a great, subtle, intense songs are My My, Gui Boratto, Ricardo Villalobos, Michael Mayer, Audion/Matthew Dear, and Ellen Allien. They are all hypnotic - download some sets by then.

    For more intense, housey beats, I love a french guy named Vitalic (Poney Part I will convince you, and watch the video for it while already blazed - it's classic and awesome).

    When I'm in a mood for crazy, schizophrenic beats, I go for Aphex Twin, the Prodigy, or Autechre.

    All these examples should put you in the zones you're looking for. PM me if you want some sets or recommendations for anything you're in the mood for. Glad to hear of some techno fans here!
  7. i hate the word techno. when you look at it, most bands labled as such incorperate so many other styles that it becomes difficult to classify. in that regard, i recommend "electronic" music. it ecnompasses all music created and produced via electronic controllers.

    check out The Crystal Method, Pretty Lights ( , all their shit is free online) Shpongle, Ott, Bassnectar, Deadmau5, Infected Mushroom. thats a good start.
  8. Ah My Freind, you don't know what amazing world your getting yourself into

    Hybrid - Finished Syphony
    Holden & Thompson - Returning
    Hadouken! - Get Smashed Gate Crash
    Does It Offend You Yeah? - Battle Royale
    The Gate - Iron Eden
    Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun
    Grace - Not Over Yet
    Storm - Storm
    Adain - Beautifall Things

    :D Enjoy,

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