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  1. hey guys i just thought id post some pics of my last grow it was me and my two friends actually... theyre all afghan from this was all from last year ill be growing again soon when i get the money to get some better supplies the one that survived our noobieness was overdosed really bad i was suprised it yielded anything only a couple bowls and it sucked we made a super soil and forgot to wet it and let it sit for a week or two we just threw the plants in right after we mixed it but... anyways at first we had a bunch die and had three that survived and grew fine the big massive one with the huge leaves in a couple pics turned out to be a male sadly :( one of the other two died and the other one grew fine well not fine but you know what i mean the harvest is kinda funny huh? enjoy guys!Sent from my SCH-R740C using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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  2. Every grow is a learning experience..... good luck with your upcoming one!  And if you're going to grow organically, you might get more help if your next journal is in the organic grow section.
  3. will do im gonna be buying a bag of 420 soil which is a super soil already mixed im gonna make mine later soon i dont have enough money to get all the ingredienta yetSent from my SCH-R740C using Grasscity Forum mobile app
    That 420 soil is very expensive.  You can do a lot better.  Even if you don't have the $$ to mix your own soil.... 

    Try a bagged soil from that thread.... the only thing you may need to add is aeration (rice hulls, perlite, lava rock, whatever) and you can get that anywhere for dirt cheap.
  5. aight for a 4 gallon bag its like 31.99 with shipping so its not that expensive but i get what your sayin i figured it juat get this this time and next time id get all the ingredients and make a veg and flower mixSent from my SCH-R740C using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  6. Compared to other popular brands (like Fox Farm Ocean Forest) that 420 soil is rather expensive. Price isn't exact but you can get a 12 quart bag(3 gallons) of that FFOF for only $8 versus your 4 gallon bag for $32
  7. damn! i thought it would be like 20-25 bucks for a bag with shipping! if a get a bag of ffof or something would i be fine making a super soil out of it? im only asking thag cause i know ffof has some nutes in it i dont know how much though?Sent from my SCH-R740C using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  8. If you get FFOF I wouldn't add anything to it. It's pretty much ready to go as is.
  9. and you know from experience? im only asking cause my last grow we had alot of problems with deficiencies and had a bad case of overdose but that was my fault... and im gonna be spending 50+ bucks on seeds so i DO NOT WANNA MESS UP THIS GROW ya know? with what im spending i wanna get a successful harvest im growin autos too if that makes it any different?Sent from my SCH-R740C using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  10. I used it very successfully the year before and am using it this year(though I've had some unrelated problems with my grow). Last year I had 3, six foot monsters. I only fertilized when the plants where a couple months old and at the beginning of flowering. You said you wanted to go organic? I'm sure there are some great fertilizers for organic growers however I just went for the ol' Miracle Grow fert with no problems. However I only went very, very light on the fertilizer each time it was used.
  11. ok i may just get a bag of that and use it if i have to ill look it up thanks for the idea :)Sent from my SCH-R740C using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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