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Tech n9ne bud questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smoking515, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. So I'm going to tech n9ne monday and it's at Val air ballroom and it's indoors, and I'm wandering if it's chill to bring weed and smoke there?
    Also could I bring like vodka in a water bottle I've never been to a indoor concert.
  2. Indoors At a public place and weed usually isn't a good idea. Just my opinion. Also just pick one or the other so if you get busted you won't get possession AND public intoxication
  3. I wouldn't try to smoke inside. I've heard of a lot of people getting kicked out of shows for that. And why not just drink before? If you see someone drinking straight vodka out of a water bottle they're going to be drinking it way different than someone drinking water. I feel like it would be too obvious.

    Tech N9ne is so badass though. With weed and vodka in my system sometimes it feels like his beats take over my neck movements.
  4. Why dont you get drunk/high before you go.

    edit-Put it in a sprite bottle its not as suspicious.
  5. Its not cool to chill and smoke there you get kicked out if caught and they pat you down when you go in. If you wanna get drunk just wait for the after party and if you're feeling bold smuggle in a sneak a toke and get high at the concert but just know you get kicked out if caught. I went to a Tech concert in October and I used a sneak a toke.
  6. Tech N9ne- Slave
    "Too much vodka and mountain dew"

    Its way better than sprite. haha
  7. edibles are great for concerts. good for a pre game cause they hit you later in and they are obviously good for indoor public events for obvious reasons.

    and for the vodka, well i dont like being twisted in public places, i annoy myself when im high and drunk at the same time.
  8. sneak a joint in your sock and first wait to see if they're shining flashlights lookin for smokers...if not go for it...been to lots of concerts and smoked but also got kicked out of a few for smoking..if you do get kicked out go to the back door and look for a crew member to get ya back in

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