Teams in the Stoner Bowl XLVIII will be awarded copies of The Stone

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    For medicinal purposes of course

       Here is a picture of replicas, the Stone and the Stone Dancer

       Here is a pic of The Three Special Stones !!!

       Here is a cross section view of the ToKin Stone
    These features make the ToKin stone a perfect match for Marijuana!
    -Cup your hand over the Joint chamber to snuff it out for later
    -You can relight very short roaches without any threat of burns
    -To rid the stone of short short roaches just give a good blow on chamber #2
    -You can give "pets" or "friends" a nose toke with the stone. Great for medical patients or calming wild beasts
    -You can give yourself a nose toke
    -You can easily give someone a toke by holding the stone to their lips
    -tip the stone back and touch the ash and it falls inside the rock. It's own ashtray
    -The Toke stone saves marijuana; when you handle a joint it changes the air flow causing poor burns
    -You can easily pass the joint in the dark. Placing it in an open palm
    -A ToKin stone never gets foul tasting like dirty pipes. Enjoy the Marijuana flavor more
    -The Non Brass toke stones can be gently lobbed 5 or 10 feet
    -Put a few drops of menthol on a cotton swab and put that in chamber #2 when you have a sore throat or for flavoring
    -You can toke in the shower or rain by lightly cupping your hand over the burn chamber
    -Brass - aluminum ones can be warmed up using hot water and you can toke outside in 20 below weather
    -makes a great hand / foot warmer when heated
    -Indestructible. You could bash your way out through a wall if you had to
    -Easily cleaned with a standard tooth brush
    -Metal ones are guaranteed for a 1000 years
    -a great paper weight, conversation piece, exercise weight and household tool (crushed ice)
    They Will love 'em

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    Nothing in North American legend is more sacred than these Medicine stones.
    Doug Pederson AKA SpectateSwamp Stone Carrier

  2. If only they were the size of flatten'em stones right? Why theyd be priceless!
  3. Actually I heard of one that size that looked just like the ToKin Stone. The guy was a bit of a BSer but I liked the story.

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