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teachers getting C&C permits

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mosesnumb, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. . . . . . . damn
  2. Takes corporal punishment to a new level :eek:
  3. Its not like its forced upon them, its their choice. I say more power to them.
  4. I had a teacher who had a conceal carry permit. He wasn't allowed to bring it to school obviously though. Just because they get CCPs doesn't mean they can carry on school grounds. Teachers do not want to lose their jobs.
  5. What are they gonna use these guns for? You don't need much protection in a school and I don't think its safe to have guns in the same classroom as students
  6. Matter of fact, I wouldn't even care if my tax dollars paid for their weapon. If education and protecting our students and teachers is what we all seek, what more could you want?
  7. Tell the 26 dead people in CT that they don't need protection.
  8. Do you honestly think that teachers are going to practice enough to be proficient with their wepons? My bet is no and there are a lot of kids that will get in the way of their terrible shooting.

    How about we fix some roads instead

    How did I know you were gonna bring up that

    One incident doesn't mean everyone.has to be up in arms. People get murdered everyday doesn't mean everyone should go around strapped especially in a school
  9. I would rather get shot in the head than have my professors packing heat, guy fucks up and goes crazy and everyone gets butthurt snd defensive
  10. I believe you're assuming a little too much. History has shown that when you confront these types of shooters, they retreat or kill themselves. To be effective all the shooter must think is that there is a threat to his well thought out plan. You make him react.
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    So by having a lot of guns in a place where people don't know how to use them is the answer?

    I also think you're thinking too rationally. People who do fucked up things like that don't care about what they're walking into. They already know they're gonna die so what do they care if they get shot as long as they take out a few people in the process.
  12. To be allowed to carry, one has to attend an armed teachers safety class.
  13. Did you totally 100% fail to read where it says they were taking free classes on the CCP's? Its not just a background check and a stamp. You have to be able to shoot proficiently to get one.
  14. Ho man take one class and you're a marksmen. It takes a lot of practice to be able to shot well
  15. Don't get me wrong I see your point and I agree to an extent.

    I think that people are over reacting to what happened. Yes it was horrible but you don't need to go from 0 to 100 over night.

    I don't think its necessary to have teachers have guns. There are school resource officers in schools around here. It's a cop who has an office in school and walks around and makes sure shit is on the up and up.

    That's all you need, one trained officer is better then 20 teachers who took a class. First of all where are you gonna keep these guns? Having them in a locked drawer kinda defeats the purpose of having it ready in case of an emergency. Also you're giving people more wepons that they don't originally have.

    One dude with a pistol over takes two teachers and now he has three guns.

    I just feel there are better ways to react to this then arming teachers.
  16. Those dudes are afraid, they will kill themselves rather than be shot or stopped.
  17. I don't know how to respond to that
  18. Seriously, do you not understand the principal of CONCEAL & CARRY?

    That doesn't mean locked in your desk where Timmy can't get to it. It means it stays on your person, hidden, not open for billy to look at, most c&c weapons are subcompacts; in a nut shell: easy to hide.

    If your state allows conceal and carry I bet you anything you talk to armed citizens everyday and don't know it. My dad packs heat at work all day, everyday. Only reason I know is because I do to.

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