Teacher took my password

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mos_def, May 14, 2010.

  1. So i had an assignment, and i did it, and i posted it on GC to get some feedback.
    Well the day after i turn the assignment in, and the teacher calls me to the desk when the period ends.
    It turns out she searched my article, and the post i made on here popped up. She said that I had to explain myself. So i told her i posted this the night before and she said "I need your username and password".
    So i thought about it, and i wrote it down cuz i needed the grade in the class.
    It was pretty awkward to say the least..
    anyways, she checked it out and say it cleared, so today i changed my password to a new one.
  2. haha damnnn at first u failed. But then u came back strong and un-failed yourself.
  3. she probably felt embarrassed because the story checked out. tis all good. :metal:
  4. She thought you were a cheater tho...Insult
  5. laff, better watch what you say around here now :p;)
  6. haha it was kind of foolish of mee
  7. Your teacher is now browsing GC.
  8. she be seekin the lulz
  9. Hopefully we can influence his teacher to smoke if she doesn't already ;)
  10. wow sounds.... AYAAWWN, pretty good
  11. Well now she knows you smoke the ganja.

    I bet turnitin.com had something to do with this..
  12. Hahha I want to read the story
  13. She will now be stalking your posts.

    Don't talk ill about her.
  14. hahaha i woulda been like bitch you wanna infringe on my right to privacy go for it, if you wanna deny me points for finding MY shit online, you best have the cash to investigate and prove i didnt put that there, cause i did, then you shoulda gone and told her you would add something unique to it so you could prove it was you, then add FUCK YOU BITCH TEACHER to the middle of the shit in HUGE letters
  15. I hope you didn't have like some embarassing or terrible password lol
  16. Been thinking about this... does your school not have computers or internet access? And if so, could you just have logged in at school to show her instead of giving out your info?
  17. most school systems have internet, but they put a filter on it to block innappropriate sites (grass city included)
  18. She'll be askin you for the herb soon.
  19. Generally, setting up a remote desktop connection can beat the filter systems, for future reference, y'know... just incase you want to browse GC at school :D
  20. u should of asked her to make her own username n password so u can talk to her on here about it ;)

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