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Tea Spliff?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jeebus420, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Ok, so I'm a spliff man. I love spliffs because i hate joints that are under 1.5g, i like o have a big sturdy joint.. and i don't feel like rolling a $30 joint.. so i smoke spliffs.. but, i'm not a cig smoker and not really a fan of tobacco. Plus one of my friends bitches 24/7 that he's scared he's gonna get addicted...

    So, i just saw a thread about smoking tea... What if i rolled a spliff with weed and tea? What do you guys think? anyone have experience with smoking tea? any feedback is welcome. just don't be an asshole.
  2. In Amsterdam most of the coffeeshops provide tea as a filler for joints, to try and get people to not use Tobacco. So i'm sure nothing bad will come of smoking tea. I tried it once and I remember it not being as nice as bacci (I smoke cigarettes), but not being wholy unpleasant either.
    Give it a try and report back.
  3. I would suggest trying different teas to see which one you like more.
  4. hmm... i may be trying this sometime this week. Will report back.
  5. what if you get addicted to tea...
  6. i used to smoke tea, nothin bad ever came of it.
  7. i would suggest an herbal blend from a smoke shop. it will taste way better than tea and depending on what herbs you use, it can even add to your high
  8. ive heard nothing but bad thigns about that herbal spice blend shit man
  9. try chamolia tea i use it and it tastes madd good
  10. try apple cinnamon tea from lipton
  11. It might be better to use loose tea rather than bag tea
  12. so is loose tea like tea leaves? i just tried to roll up a tea joint from bagged tea n that shit is like powder. it was the hardest thing ive ever rolled. and once i was done, it all came pouring out the bottom :(
  13. i roll spliffs with tea. And idk why your having trouble rolling it? its the same principal as weed. just roll n lick. and yeah use tea instead of tobacco if you want to avoid lung cancer ;)
  14. Don't smoke tea man. Roll yourself a nice j with bud and sip on some tea maybe?
  15. Well i used some lipton bagged tea n that shit was straight powder haha

    Well, if you're loaded with cash, I'm happy for you.. but i'm not and can't afford to roll $30+ joints every time i wanna get high.
  16. #16 Xavier shifty, Aug 5, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Lol I kno its crazy fine
  17. Huh I might try this just to lengthen out the next J I smoke...
  18. Protip: putting tobacco in a joint won't get you addicted, at all.
  19. I've smoked green tea before it wasn't that bad just had a real strong smell and was little harsh
  20. The last 3 bowls I've smoked have had green tea and tobacco in them... It'll be 3:1:1 being weed to tobacco to tea... adds a certain smoothness and thickness to the smoke. Tastes great too.

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