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tea break, sup?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by superiordank, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. T*

    Day 1: It sucked, couldn't sleep.

    Day 2: Why am I doing this, I got a headache.

    Day 3: I can do this!

    Day 4: No I can't!

    Day 5: sweeeet. I'm hitting a bowl and there is a Hispanic male riding a lawn mower in my backyard. I think there called Landscapers or something (definitely not beaners, that's racist) and I'm pretty high off 1 trench in the "lunch box"

    Whats everyone doing today?
  2. My T break!

    Day 1: shit I'm out of weed... and my schools gonna give me a drug test that's probably fake

    Day 2. I wanna smoke

    Day 3: I wanna smoke

    Day 4: I wanna smoke fuck! This is an unwanted T break :(
  3. Did you drink some tea as well?
  4. Day 10: I don't feel the need to smoke at all. I think I'll hold off for a few months since this is a breeze.

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  5. I know my time for the month long break will approach soon enough :(

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