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  1. could someone tell me the right tds levels for young plants and the tds level for adult and flowering plants.
  2. im looking for the same info
  3. I have a TDS meter. I have a deepwater set up. When the plants where young but growing and had about 3-5 solid nodes i was around 250-300ppm

    Now my plants that are 3 weeks into flowering i'm around 800-1000ppm.

    I keep my ph balanced around 5.9-6.2.

    I hope thsi helps

    what u have yours at?

    I also use a 400watt Mh for my babies

    and 1000 HPS for flowers
  4. Oh i would so love to use someones TDS meter lol wonder what my babies are getting
  5. I just ordered one off ebay for 20$ free shipping. says it reads ppm from 0-2999. I thought 20$ was a very reasonable price

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