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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dvdPLaya, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. been 2 years everyday straight, no mas till halloween. blah:eek:
  2. I just got off a two week tbreak and let me tell you, its really worth it. I know its going to be shitty for a few days but just keep in mind how high you will get on halloween.:)
  3. be prepared to be blazed of your ass man :smoke:
  4. hopefully ill make it... i have so many people calling me right now that want to smoke (free).. BLAH!:confused:
  5. The only way to come off a tolerance break is to smoke until you realize you've been packing Doritos into your bowl for the last ten minutes, then continue doing it because it's awesome.
  6. How often do you guys take tolerance breaks?
  7. Tolerance breaks suck. Don't take one unless you are drug tested.

    2 weeks of tolerance break will honestly give you like 2 - 3 days MAX of noticed better highs.

    I went on a 4 month tolerance break called military school, and to be honest my mind wasnt any clear, it just felt accomplishing not needing weed. But really no different day to day feeling in my body.
  8. day 4-15 are pretty bad. the rest are easy, though. I'm on 19/30 right now.
  9. You mean we are supposed to take breaks!! WTF no-one sent me the memo...oh well guess ill be the one behind the hedge coughing up a lung/:smoke:
  10. I actually just started a T-break this morning. I'm going to do 14 days.

    I will say from lots of experience that tolerance breaks do indeed provide a better high, but alas nothing will take you back to those first few halcyon times of getting stoned.

    I've found for me, anything much past 14 days gives diminishing returns. YMMV, of course.

    First day kinda sucks, days 2-4 really suck, the rest is no problemo.

    It's always good to give your lungs a break as well. Which, when one is found routinely involved in leading hordes of Mongols like myself, adequate lung capacity is crucial.:)
  11. umm.(Little cough).yeah.(face getting red)...hmmmkayy...(Eyes getting red)..cough, cough cough..okay..cough, no mas mas....
  12. ive only been on my current break for a week cuz its dry right now and i already feel a big mood elivator and alot different...i knwo when i smoke again im gonna be stupid!
  13. Yea so am I, sort of..on the third day..maybe trying to make a week, idk 2 years though damn man what made you wanna do that, but power to ya man for taking such a long tolerance break.
  14. no man, this is my first break in 2 years
  15. You can do it playa. I know its difficult but remember the reward.

  16. Tolerance breaks suck only because you don't have any weed. But breaking tolerance breaks is the best part.
  17. I couldn't do it.

  18. I know I just finished up a 2 week tbreak. Did I think about smoking weed all the time? Yes, for the first week. Was there times I wanted to smoke a bowl to alleviate some stress? Yes of course.

    It takes will power to do it.

    I had to take a tolerance break because I honestly wasn't getting as high as I should have been considering the weed I was smoking. To me, not taking tbreaks is also a waste of weed if you think about it.
  19. I don't have the will power. I could if I had to (drug tests) but even then I'd try to cheat, which I did. It's hard because I don't want to quit, even for a couple weeks, everyday weed is fulfilling. When I smoke some krip I only get high for an hour tops. I guess I'm fine with that though. Right now, the kush is in, so I won't pass up that. It's hard because every batch keeps getting better and better. So when you're with you're friends and constantly surrounded by succulent buds of hazes and different types of kush it's hard to say no. Everyone smokes. You go to someones house, you're going there to smoke, not chill and watch TV. It's a part of it but blazing is the main event. You don't smoke, don't have bud, you're cut. Not all the time, but when we're 'matching' which is about every day.

    Only the kush actually gets me STONED now. Other bud I smoke about a half 8 in a day and just smoke without second thought. Don't need to conserve or worry about tolerance, smoke a couple bowls every 10 min or so. Then when I don't have weed, my boy's get me, and if they don't I have a mini-break of about 2-3 days and even then I get considerably higher. Hell, first hit of the day always gets me the most.

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