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Tbreak! Is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hinkleberry, May 18, 2010.

  1. Hey guys i'm not really getting as high as usual.. So i've decided to go on a tbreak for a month. Is it worth it? I've started running too because I know thc is stored in your fat. what do you guys think?
  2. Yeah dude, take a T-break and get pz'd the next time you smoke.
  3. Dude, I did it for a whole month like 4 days ago, (I finished 4 days ago) And now I cant seem to get much of a tolerance... I'm doing it again soon! :p

  4. Running is great. But are you doing it to pass a drug test or because you think its going to reduce your tolerance? Because I'm pretty sure it won't help with that.
  5. im on a week long break right now, gotta lower that tolerance some how

  6. Nah i'm not running because of a drug test. I heard exercise helps get THC out of your system, and i'm a fatass trying to lose some weight haha. Not really a fatass just don't wanna become one haha.
  7. yes THC is stored in your fat cells but this does not affect your tolerance. exercise will not drop your tolerance any faster. only time can lower your tolerance.

    i finish my 30 day break in 10 day :hello: im soooo exited

  8. Ooooh, got any tips from not smoking the ganja?
  9. Break is definitely worth it in my opinion....keep up the running though, it's good either way...also try running before you blaze...I feel a little bit higher when I do
  10. ive done alot of stupid experimenting on this break that i wouldnt recommend. such as drinking,kpins,dxm,adderal... i regret it all. just stay sober or do hallucinogens if you can get your hands on some.

  11. Here is one, lean in kiddies and listen closely. Don't inhale the smoke of the marijuana plant until you are done your break. Mind boggling eh?
  12. trust me man t breaks are mos definitely worth it, ur tolerance goes down(good thing, less weed you need to get high=more money more weed,idk why people brag about high tolerances) you can get your money up, clear ur head a lil bit if your smoking every day or somthing, but i definitely suggest it dog, and running is a good idea but ur lungs will be HURTING but hey a month of nada an then back to it is so fucking great, but get some real nice dank bud for ur return an smoke like .5 of a gram an youll be perfect dont rush or ruin that return high! but good luck homes

  13. Agreed. I usually do other drugs or smoke (cigs) (only) when I take a break. Once in a while though I like to stay completely sober when I take a break. I just got done with a 30 day MJ fast like 3 days ago. It's definitely worth it to take a tbreak if nothing more than to let you fully appreciate the herb as the gift it is.

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