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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by alpo, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Probably wont be getting anything back. And I owe some from 2010 from when I was unemployed and had to cash in my 401k. Was a stupid move cause taxes were never taken out of it.

    My wife worked this past year, so she is gonna file married but seperate and claim our son so we will get some money back. Taxes suck.

    I dont do drugs, I set plants on fire and breathe.
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    I'm really tempted to just start stuffing my mattress, investments and such are where I get fucked every year for a very low % gain.  Might not be missing out on that much interest when compared to what I pay out in tax  
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  3. I gotta pay back some dealers before they come kill my ass

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  4. Bills, bills, bills.

    But I am treating myself because I will have some extra.

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  5. Not sure how much I'm getting back yet this year. I should be getting a few thousand back from my primary job, which will be nice. However my second job for some reason never deducted any federal taxes from my paychecks so I will also owe the government some money too...great.

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  6. My least favorite time of year. Since I work for myself I choose to wait til the end of the year to pay da man :/ I like to make him wait as long as possible. Its gonna be a little over 5k this year I'm adding all my deductions up as we speak :cry:

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  7. One step closer to movin oit of my parents house  :yay:  :yay: \\
    All my is going into the bank for  now
  8. not sure how much ill get back but I think I made like 7 or 8k last year working in the summer.
  9. Im middle class, middle aged, and have no children. Tax time for me is just another reminder of all the useless fuckers that cant pay there own way getting ridiculous returns because they work menial jobs and pump out children.
  10. Thatz why the thread is titled .. tax time rules@[member="joker865"] .. gotta luv us!!

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