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  1. Here we go again tax time is here :metal: ... Im getting back a little somethin .. like around 7K ... itz enough to do home repairs & put away whatever I have left  .. I got this problem of doing my taxes right when I think all  w2's are in order ... then when there done .. another  w2 comes in the mail from shit I completely forgot about .. what are all you blades plan on doing with your dough??  

  2. have already filed mine and am expecting mine back next week.  no where near what you are getting but still around 2 k  just ready for it!!!
  3. I made a whole three grand last year.
    75 fucking bucks in federal taxes paid in.
    Free 5 grams or so I guess..
  4. I'm getting $2297 back, I gotta give my sister $1000 because I claimed her newborn since she was getting paid cash all year. I'm using mine for bills though. I'm a Forman for a landscaping company so won't be full time again till March. Only time I get called in is for snow removal right now. So yeah just bills pretty much and hold on to whatever is rest until I'm working again
  5. damn I spent that on bud. If I ain't hustle I would've starved

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    Today was my first time filing taxes and i'll get $425 back. I only worked for 7 months and I expected much more (damn you AutoZone making me work an average of 14 hours a week) but it's better than nothing. If this is your first time filing like me, I recommend TurboTax, it's easy.

    Also, I plan to put a little aside in my bank account in case a rainy day may happen and finally buy a windshield for my car.
  7. Last year was the worst year of my life for everything. Including making paper. Made very little of that.
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    I'm going to get back about $800 (which isn't shit, but what can you do? Single independent adult with no kids who's not old enough/makes too much for the EIC)  in Federal unfortunately....I really need to do something about my W-4s this year. Fuck giving the government a free loan.
  9. I'm gettin a whole $71 back.  I'll probably buy a new piece and a gram or two.
  10. It depends on how you look at it... I look forward to my annual bonus haha

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  11. But it's not your bonus. It was money that was already yours, and you loaned to the government, interest free. You could have kept it in the first place.
  12. I know what it is

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  13. Last year I got like 400 dollars back. Then the fuckers sent me a letter a couple weeks later saying they messed up on their math and I owed them 19 dollars. :mad:
  14. me no pay taxes, me non profit
  15. hyperinflation
  16. Its not extra money, im only getting 31 dollars back because they didn't take out a lot of my check throughout the year. Im also not old enough to get the EIC which I think is bullshit since im way below the income required

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  17. should be getting around $1200 back  between state and federal.
    most of it is going into my car, i'll probably spend the rest of it on funstuffs.
  18. Paid 2700 in federal and getting $100 back. Yay me

    "Go easy on that shit, its HYDROponic"
  19. Make too much, have to pay them extra every year.  Blows but what else can I really do
  20. LOL, I am in the same boat. Between Fed and State, I'll owe about $2700. What can we do? The same thing I put off every year; Have them keep a little more. Damn, I really should do that this year.
    Maybe later. :smoke:

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