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  1. im not actually a fan of the tatoo but I know what id get and im actually considering it. but I thought Id ask and see what people had to say to my idea if i did get it.

    id get a big fire breathing dragon on my ass.

    no symbolisms-just funny.

    and i gess the reall question is would people think that meant i was gay, or just think "man that guy must mean buissnis if he has a dragon on his ass".

    how much do you think that would coast too?


  2. Haha well It depends on how you hold your self in general I would say. If your a funny guy and what not and you just bust out a dragon on your ass at a party people would laugh... But you if you dont carry your self right you might get called gay for it. But I would suppose by you even contemplating getting that you could probably pull it off. Sounds hella funny to me...

    i wanna get jabba the hutt on my ass and under it have ti say jabba the butt haha

  3. hahahahhahhahaha

    ya your totaly right
  4. umm do u walk around w/ your ass showing id imagine not that many people would even see it and if your not a fan of tattoos why on earth would u start with something like that
  5. 1-if i mooned some one, just desided to show some chicks, at a party, during sex idk-its the thought that countes

    2-im not into the ones that people get at my school-like just cuz they want one -or like the classic annoying example would be "i got a sun because im a sunny person" and thats odviously lame.
  6. How old are you? I would not suggest getting a tattoo as a joke. Personal experience - the two tattoos I currently have, of which I spent at least a year deciding on both, I am displeased with. I've somewhat "outgrown" them so to speak and am having a slightly difficult time trying to decide how I can incorporate other thing into/around them to suit me more of today; however, that already implies a viscious, parasitic habit of adding/changing tattoos I have.
  7. well that must suck. where do you have them?
  8. I have a small symbol on my left arm which I am content with, but I will be adding to it for the symbolism rather than to divert its previous meaning to another. My other tattoo is on my right shoulder, covering most of it in addition to my right tit, shoulder blade, and upper right arm.

    The one that concerns me is the one on the right shoulder, it is a constant reminder when I see it as to how much people change, and on top of that, how irrational, unreasonable, and immature people can be in their adolesence; however, I believe this is because of how I have changed - not because I made a stupid mistake. At the end of the day I try and learn both my bad and good choices and live without regret, and though removal is an option, for some reason I'm against it. I think of it as more of being given the opportunity to right a "wrong," which is not how life always works.
  9. you could always get a coverup for your shoulder tattoo, and although you may have changed, that tattoo still has symbolism of your past u know? so u relaly shouldnt regret it unless its something offensive or ridiculous that your embarassed about

    edit: and getting a tattoo on your ass just for a joke isnt gonna be too funny while you get a needle poked in ur ass thousands of times, you may think tattoo's arent that bad, but some areas are downright brutal, your ass being one of them
  10. By your post, GH, and your lack of details, the first thing I thought of was having to do with the whole Neo-Nazi deal.

    Or something else really stupid.

    But yea, OP, I have a tattoo as well. Just one. Left arm, bottom forearm area.


    In my honest opinion, tattoos COULD be used for a joke, but it HAS to be a perfect one that you wouldn't regret many years down the road. I love my tatt and not at all dissapointed that I chose that design. Was important back when I got it, and still has "about" the same emotional tie.

    But the whole dragon idea? If done well, would be damned funny.
  11. A tattoo is something you should put a considerable amount of thought into before it gets slapped onto your body, but no reason to feel like you need to drag that on for a year.

    I decided on getting mine the night before and drew it up as I was laying in bed, but I'm fairly confident (after only two and a half years) that theres very little chance I'll end up regretting it.

    All the right ingredients went into the mix; it meant a lot to me, it was done under special circumstances, and its not obnoxious.

    Not to be an asshole, but if you're doing it just to be funny and you're genuinely worried about what people could really think about it, are you sure you're not just doing it for the attention?

    If you really were the type to have a fire breathing dragon tattooed onto your ass cheeks and be able to pull it off, you wouldn't be second guessing yourself.

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