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  1. i already posted all my tats in anotehr thread in general that had soemthin about tattoo's and piercings in the title, so go look there if u wanna see mine
  2. Artist: Ben Corn



  3. Good Golly Miss Molly. :eek:

    Hmm, that was a weird thing to say.

    Seriously though, that's a lot of ink.

    A lot of SICK ink!
  4. Aw man that's awesome!!

    How were the ribs?
  5. if i were to guess, it hurt alot more down on the lowest part than it did on the ribs

    am i right? i dont have any rib tats, but i got a tat down yonder n that shit hurt somethin fiercesome, especially around the hip bones
  6. Oh I suppose. I forgot about hip bones, I just always hear about ribs being brutal. I think I'll start getting tatooed in a couple years. But I want either a chest mural or a sleeve. Not sure which yet.
  7. The ribs are definately the most painful. You like the angry moby dick on the right side? Haha I had him add that in there.
  8. Yeah it's sweet!
    I really like how it all flows together. And I especially like the pistols on the hips.
  9. thats phuckin hawt kid. Nice ink!!

  10. Thanks! Ben Corn is an amazing artist. He is a friend of mine that has been going strong for 15 years. He is also responsible for making the Kottonmouth King / Kingspade album covers (you can see the similarity in styles) with the skulls and whatnot. It truely is a masterpiece
  11. Only have one so far, don't have the funds to get anymore. But I'd love to have full sleeves one day and a huge back piece.

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  12. Yeh man, I got a laugh now cry later tat that takes up my Whole side...

    Shit hurt.

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