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tattoo cover up

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nahitscool, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. my friend did it a few years ago. what do you think? i need a tattoo idea over this tattoo.

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  2. Get a sleeve with koi fish and cherry blossoms
  3. full sleeve. haha. jp i have nothing constructive to say and have no tats.
  4. I have a friend with that kind of tat but it's on her back.

    Make your arm an epic illustration of a battlefield based upon the legendary adventures of DUCK HUNT.
  5. yeah i live in a nice place so i can get away with wearing long sleeve shirts
  6. I like the line of ducks, personally. But if you're gonna cover it, it'd be pretty easy for a decent artist to cover that line with a swoosh / curve, either as part of a tribal pattern or calligraphic text. Since your design has a natural curve anyway, it'd disguise well.
  7. ok its good that its easy to cover cause when i got it i never knew how much tattoos distract people.
  8. As small as that is removal might be a choice. Or cover it up as being fire or smoke from a jay. But then removal would be even harder. Too bad white ink wont cover black.
  9. That has got to be the worst place for ducks. Atleast its not hollister. Looks like a dirty hand. One duck wasnt enough for you. Wheres the ducks unlimited part. On Your back, or you wussy out
  10. wtf lol
  11. Srry the second post was after i realized you were a guy. Misguiding pic much. Haha Just get one REALLY big duck over that whole arm
  12. If it was me personally, I'd spend some bank and have a sky sort of tattoo. Yknow, ducks, clouds, and just add on to it from there. Just make sure you don't get something else you will regret.
  13. Wtf aren't those swallows not ducks?? Lolol
  14. This thread is dumb. I want to cover up this tattoo with another bigger tattoo, but I wouldn't have gotten the tattoo in the first place if I had known it would be so distracting for people? What? And how the hell can you tell those are ducks, they just look like birds.

    Maybe I'm missing something...
  15. i love tattoos i grew up around them for me someone having one isnt even a second thought. thats why i got a $30 tattoo now that i know people are drawn to art on your arm im wanting to get something that reflects how proud i am.
  16. You should think of your own idea because, chances are, if someone else gives you an idea... you probably will not like that tattoo in the end. I'm a full believe in creating tattoo ideas from your own mind because you'll probably end up not regretting it.

    I don't think that tattoo is that bad, though. I actually kind of like it.
  17. 30$ Whoa. Thats like a whole 20 and a 10
  18. Hmm...why don't you ask a tattoo artist?
  19. Get an angry birds tattoo, should fit over those birds quite nicely. Maybe you can put a catapult on one side and have a whole sleeve of angry birds. It's a pretty fun game and people would probably see you as proud like you want.

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