Tattoo Cost? Help?

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  1. I want this tattoo on the back of my calf about 4 inches, Covering most of the muscle.

    I have a couple questions;

    How much do you think it would cost for QUALITY work?

    How much pain would be involved?
  2. Couldn't upload photo but its just a bubble letter capital X.
  3. Sounds like about a $80 tattoo. Maybe more if requires a lot of fill. Pain? It's a tattoo, not a gunshot wound. They sting a little.
  4. Its just an outlining. Kinda like a bold font bubble lettering.
  5. I have one on the back of my calf, and I don't think it hurt that much. But it always depends on who you are and your tolerance for pain. Do you have other tattoos or will this be your first one??

  6. normal shop prices (depending on your area) would run somewhere between $75-$130ish depending on line work, shading, etc. one thing i cannot stress enough about going into a shop is make sure you check out the artists portfolio before you settle on any particular artist.. most shops that i have been in have walls FULL of flash and have the portfolio's hidden, if there is even one in the shop.

    dont want to get an artist that is extremely heavy handed and end up with massive blow outs, or just bad line work. although i am not that heavily inked, i am EXTREMELY picky about who i will let work on me.
  7. if it's just an outlining like you say, with no shading or other goodies worked into it.. <$80 in my expert opinion.

    it'll hurt a bit.. i mean, it's a tattoo. but i kind of like the pain.

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