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tasty bubba kush+ hash

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MASS GLASS420, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. whats going on GC? just picked up some fire bubba kush and it sure is tasty! smoked one bowl and im roasted. here's some pic's tell me whatcha think!!!:wave:

    here's some bomb hash. the two disc's are pressed kief, then i got some bubble and the pitch black hash is some mighty good Qwiso.
    here's that bowl i smoked :D

    well blades lets hear some feedback!!
  2. Nice buds and hash and glass haha. We haven't had bubba here in forever it seems like

  3. jet life, jet life, jet life:ey:
  4. Dank ass bud dude
  5. Nice pick up bro. I have yet to indulge in the bubba. Smoke report?
  6. everythin lookin good partna, keep it up
  7. well i smoked a bowl about 20 minutes ago and i still have the taste in my mouth, usually thats a bad thing but this bud tastes like candy no joke, and it gives me major couch lock. I would rate it +A quality and the hash just knocks my ass out, legit i can't smoke that shit unless i have the rest of the day free.
  8. nice bubba, looks fire. Im picking up some bubba next week. I like that bubbler too. Good shit bro

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