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Tastiest Weed.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by LovingTree, May 27, 2010.

  1. For me it's gotta be train wreck. It tasted like orange with a nutty lemon taste. :smoking:

    Blueberry's prob second for me. :]

  2. Some recent Pineapple Express i had tasted like fruit, and Purple Kush i have right now smells and taste like fruit... and some Maui Wowi I have now also is fruity
  3. I really love the taste of banana kush :wave:
  4. Had some really tasty headband the other day.

    Right now I have purps and maui wowie.. but there nothing too special taste wise..
  5. strawberry cough. lemon desiel. the lemon desiel was just SUCH good bud, plus its tasted like lemon heads, sooooo sweet.
  6. grapefruit has an amazing taste.:smoking:
  7. my all time favorite tasting bud hands down is Jack Herer. and then after that, i enjoy OG's and bubba's.
  8. It's blueberry for me. But, mixing a few mint leaves in when smoking on a hookah or vape can be pretty sweet...
  9. definitly blueberry, tastes and smells like blueberries =D
  10. green crack kush out of a peach game blunt. Tastes like candy

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