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Taste the weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 4kush20, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. While I was reading other peoples post I noticed they say it tasted like lemons or somethings but when I smoke I never taste anything. I figured it could be due to the fact I smoke mids but 1 time I smoked lemon kush and some orange name that I can't remember. So my question is, is the reason I never taste anything is cuz I have virgin lungs and I'm still getting used to smoke Iin my lungs or what?
  2. Mids don't really have a great taste, which is why people like to smoke them in blunts to add some flavor. You should definitely be able to taste the dank. If you're used to smoking mids, you should easily be able to tell the difference when you smoke dank. You have to have an experience with different types of bud to be able to distinguish the subtleties in the flavor. It's kind of like wine tasting, it's all in how many experiences you have with it. So just keep smoking dank, and you'll notice.

  3. Even when I smoked mids in a cherry double platinum blunt I don't think I really tasted Anything. I've only smoked maybe 12 times and I still occasionally cough u think that may also be why I never tasted anything
  4. The way your weed tastes depends on the person who grew it and what strain it is.
  5. Yea, you're still new. Just keep buying dank from different dealers so you get a variety, and you'll definitely start to notice the different tastes. Also, smoking out of a nice glass piece will help you taste the herb better. If that's not possible, smoke a joint of dank instead of a blunt so you can taste the bud more.

  6. I've smoked out of a pipe twice each time I choked like crazy lol. Thanks for help. Stay high :)
  7. If you cant taste the bud and its just harsh smoke basically, you got yourself some mids or even regs.

    Once you get some headies like real Kush or a fruity strain you will know what tasting weed is like. Its like wine almost, each bud has its own unique taste to it :smoke:
  8. Yeah it kinda depends on the weed or the person. An easy way to 'taste the weed' is to drink from a soda can after taking a hit, then drink from it again. You can taste it off the spit on the can. It's yummy. hehe :p
  9. hmm. If the taste is that delicate then maybe (myself included) cant taste because of smoking cigs.
    Also using a Hakko or something might help.
  10. I remember my first taste of true dank:D ahhh, i love purp:smoke: smoked from a bong and could still taste that stanky shit really heavy...toke up:smoke:

  11. Yeah I dont taste it either. Sometime, It will sitng my toung or I will get a hint of a taste. But nothing to say wow I can taste this shit.
  12. Yeah purps is awesome, but it got me EXTREMELY horny. I mean I was naked and humping all my friends. ;)

    But now they won't let me buy it. :cry:
  13. I notice a taste when I smoke, but I mean, it's not like super flavorful. But I'm not about the taste when I smoke, I just like getting high. If I need some flavor, I'll make a blunt as said before, or get a nice cigar.

  14. Exactly man
  15. Maybe you are just expecting that it's going to taste like a bite out of a delicious fruit.

    When I say it tastes/smells fruity, it's probably because it is dank bud and it tends to have that aroma which makes it taste more crisp and tangy when I toking. Kind of like fruit. I neeeeed some.

    Cursed tbreaks :mad:
  16. I don't smoke for flavor I also like the feelin of bein high. I just wondered why I could never taste nothin all I feel is hottness
  17. Exactly how I feel. Heat, no taste.

  18. R u also new to smokin?
  19. Sort of, I've been smoking since mid June, usually only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  20. I tend to pick up on flavors mostly on the exhale. Keep in mind it's very subtle.

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