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Discussion in 'General' started by naughtyneighbor, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. How long did it take you guys to get use to or to like the taste of beer? It still doesn't seem appealing to me.
  2. It takes me as long as it takes to get a buzz going. Though I dont mind the taste of beer. Liquor on the other hand I dont like.
  3. beer is the best tasting beverage to me. ive been drinking since i was 12, but i used to not like it until around 15. Now i would choose a nice cold beer over most anything.
  4. shit my dad let me first sip his when i was ten. i loved the stuff ever since (though i never got drunk till i was fourteen.)

    i love liquor too, bourbon on the rocks is my nectar... cheetos my ambrosia
  5. uh...they put beer in my bottles when i was little so i must've liked it, but i didnt when i was 7 but coronas werent so bad when i got shitfaced when i was 12
  6. i love the taste of beer personally, always have

    liquor is good stuff too, but the only think i really drink is whiskey
  7. i love liquor. never really cared for beer though. no worries, after 2 or so i don't notice

    i've only had about 2 years of drinking. late bloomer. i hit it hard when i started though...:D
  8. liquor is like poision for my body....but, I love my beers, all the way :D
  9. liquor is poison for your body..and so is beer. hooray poison, it makes me happy.
  10. I only like some kinds of Vodka, the kinds that dont taste like shit...I dont like the taste of beer.
    So other than the non-shit variety of Vodka, the only alcohol whose taste I rreally enjoy is the Captain.
  11. I like the taste of beer. Lately beer has just been making me sad though, I don't understand why... never did before. It's a damn shame. A damn shame.
  12. thats a crying shame... tell me though, do you exercise regularly?
  13. i am used to it but i have not aquired a taste for it.. hehe... although corona and a lime ill love til im drunk
  14. Indeed I do. Actually it's only started to make me sad since I cut back/then quit smoking sweet sweet mary jane. I've been exercising more than ever too. Basketball + running nearly every day. I eat correctly.

    I've never been the guy to get drunk off beer though. Had 35 bud lights one time in two hours.. finished writing a "B" paper and went to sleep without the room spinning. Have to have the hard shit to feel drunk. I do like beer, but not if it makes me sad. Oh, it also makes me talk about things I have no buisiness discussing. Personal feelings that would be best kept inside, since they always freak others out.

    Odd time of my life. Beer adds to it. :cool:
  15. Beer does take a bit of time to get used to, but it doesn't take *too* long. Just get some good beer (Heiniken, or anything that cheap college students usually don't buy) and you'll be sucking them down in no time. I still hate the taste of cheap light beers but I'll chug a nice Heini or Guiness. Plus Heini's are made in Holland, and it's been my experience that people who drink it almost always smoke weed. I have no idea why.
  16. i love beer... when im drinking beer its becasue i like it. the prob with that is i can drink 10 and not think im drunk because im not driunking to get buzzed.

    my other poision is vodka. if im drinking that its for the soul purpose of getting drunk. i dont drink vodka for any other reason then to get trashed. i mix it with some kool-aid (i reccomend that) and it goes down like candy. then i look and ive killed half the bottle in 2 drinks. then as i start to walk around i realize (shit son... im gone)
  17. beer does take sometime to get use 2 i cant stand the hard shit and i really cant drink beer that often but about 2 times a month ill drink between 8-12 i can smoke weed everyday tho:)
  18. Mmmh... Beer.

    I used to not fancy it too much when I was younger, but I've acquired a taste for it from drinkin it all the time. Now I enjoy an Ice Cold Brew. So refreshing.
  19. I, myself don't really like beer too much, Jack Daniel's is my poison of choice. Just go with a one to one of Jack and Coke in a big cup and feel glorious all night. Although for all of ya'll that don't like beer at all come on down to Texas and have a nice cold Shiner Bock. It's brewed by some German Texans in Shiner, Texas and tastes like sex in your mouth.
  20. When I was 4, I tried budweiser out of my parents fridge and highly disliked it. ten years down the line I try beer at a party and still didn't like it. At sixteen I have beer at a party with a bunch of people I don't like and didn't like it and had still never been drunk.

    At seventeen I was in college and finally got drunk at a friend's dorm with most people I didn't know, but liked in general and eventually became friends with. I drank whenever it was around from then on, trying different stuff, but mostly low grade liquor. I had first gotten drunk with whiskey in coke. Then, the next time I had alcohol was Keystone Lite with the same roomies while I waited for a friend to show up (I love college, only in college could you hang like that waiting for a friend, it felt different). That was ok, but it was the worst beer to this day that I've had.

    I moved to an art college at nineteen and had tried Jack Daniels, Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, and Guinness, which I disliked at the time. I drank Rolling Rock while at art college mostly because it tasted good, was light, and I could still work while having a beer. Occasionally I'd have Crown Royal whiskey with my then, only, roomie, who had turned 21 recently and had taken to drinking quite easily.

    I got drunk three times while living a lot more north of LA than I had during my early college years, one of which I still remember as being very intense because I had finally thrown up from drinking that second time. I didn't like hangovers at all and had some pretty bad ones vis a vi being in college.

    I moved in with three other guys and my old roomie as well as his girlfriend two years ago and have been there ever since, going to the same art college, just a little bit more north than before. When we first moved in here I drank Pabst and Pabst Genuine Draft, and moved around alot from then on, drinking pretty much every other day or so. Usually 40s when I wanted to get krunked, and then whiskey became my favorite, especially the particularly strong Fighting Cock Bourbon Whiskey, which is somewhat difficult to find, but is available if you look around town a bit. I also finally took to darker beers about eight months ago and have been doing a lot of dark drinking ever since. Guinness is now my second favorite high grade beer, ranking only next to Boddingtons. Limited release beers, I like Trader Joe's Vintage Ale, which they release every christmas and is quite tasty, I have one in the fridge for a special summer celebration or something hopefully. Low grade beer, I gave up pabst and so forth and currently drink Joseph Haufbauer (an ale) or now, Charles Reibenbauch, which is a darker lager. Anyways, my days in whiskey are more or less over though, I don't drink hard stuff cuz it hurts my liver, which feels worse than any amount of smoking I have to say. I stick to bud, but I've had quite an adventure with alcohol and am glad to reminisce.

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