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  1. Describe the color green to a blind man who has always been blind.

    This while seemingly obvious as being impossible is a very interesting thought experiment. Try to concieve all things that are impossible to explain to a person who has never to experienced them. Then you begin to realize that this is a very numerous list. All physical senses cannot be explained unless being experienced. Even pain, one couldn't explain to someone who's never felt it.

    Even emotions... Emotions and feelings are totally unexplainable unless you have experienced them yourself.

    Life... :rolleyes:
  2. I think this is a homage to our extremley limited capacity to communicate, not the depth of our senses.
  3. Ignorance is bliss.
  4. It most certainly is not!
  5. It's not easy being green, to spend each day the color of the leaves...

    Kermit the Frog could do it, how hard can it be?
  6. I do not think a blind person knows what colour the leaves are. :)
  7. Green looks like what a freshly mowed lawn smells like. Green looks like what lettuce tastes like. Thats what I would tell the blind person. Its probably just a connection I invented in my mind though.
  8. Yeah thats like decribing brown as what shit smells like but what chocalate tastes like it would'nt really tell anyone anything.
  9. Ever since realising that life has no purpose and that there is no afterlife, I've had a lot of suicidal thoughts. I mean if life has no purpose and it's not fun, why not just kill yourself? What's the point of going through suffering or boredom if there's no reward?
  10. Making the world a better place is a purpose. Helping to add to the sum total of human knowledge is also a purpose. It is quite easy to find a purpose in this life. :)
  11. A blind person will never know color the way a sighted person does, but then again, a sighted person will never know the sweet intricacies of darkness or of touch or how the Autumn smells after a rain. Each touch and each experience belongs to the individual and their inner worlds where everyone else cannot see. Not everything that's inside us belongs to the world. Besides, whatever experiences we can fit into the limited time we have here on mother earth the better.

    Maybe the problem isn't our "extremely limited capacity to communicate" but our comprehension? Maybe we humans act like we understand far more than we actually do? Maybe if we slowed our lives down a little we would listen more intently and speak more thoughtfully? Dunno?

    It isn't so for you, but for the ignorant and blissful masses it is. There's a reason why that quote resonates with such meaning.

    Maybe, or maybe it's up to all of us to just let go and feel.

    Stay green.
  12. best way to describe it is to compare it to sound. you can hear something and then you can hear different pitches within that sound. just as you can see something and then see different shades within that image. Both are a result of physical wave interpretation.

    You'd never know exactly what color looks like but you'd know its function and how colors relate to each other at least
  13. No, don't think so.
  14. Yeah, I figured you wouldn't.
  15. Yes but it's a trivial accomplishment. It has no meaning in the grand scope of the universe. Our entire earth is insignificant.

  16. Let us then attempt to communicate colour in poetry to somebody who is blind.



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