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    My cousin found a big ol tarantula walkin the streets the other day and he knew I've been wanting a tarantula for awhile! So I trade him a 10'' subwoofer and an amp, both of which I've had sitting around for a year now for it! It turns out it's a Texas brown tarantula, a female at that! So I dug out an old cricket tank for her; cleaned it up put some peat moss, a little hideaway cave and a saucer of water for her.
    This is my first tarantula so I was shakin like a fuckin leaf when I went to pick it up for the first time.. Turned out to be a real chill pet, she's a slow moving docile thing; I let her chill on my shoulder, a warm fold in my shirt, or even on top of my head for hours while I'm watching tv, on the computer, or whatever. I fed her a big cricket when I first got her; she jumped that thing in a heartbeat. Good thing is you only have to feed it once a week so it's a low maintenance pet too. Also she can live up to 35 years old, so that makes her worth two dogs at least! I named her fluffy
    I got a couple of pics of her and everything
    Anyone else got any creepy crawly pets?

  2. Eeek  :bolt:
    My old roommate had a tarantula. Ever since that mofo escaped and crawled into my bed my attitude is fuck bugs
  3. I'm super jealous! I've wanted a tarantula for sooooo long and I think I'm going to get a little spider friend after this summer :)
    My friend saw one on the street in Saskatchewan and as far as I know we don't have any wild ones living here @_@ but I was so mad at her for not telling me to come get it or bringing it to me lol. i can understand though, big spiders aren't many people's thing.
  4. So what are the chances of one of these suckers biting into your flesh? Do they do that, does it hurt, fester, etc?
    The idea of having a tarantula as a pet kirks me the fuck out. I don't think I'd let it out of it's cage ha
  5. With the one I got I'd be hard pressed to make her bite me. She's real easy to handle and responds well to me. I wont dven have to do anything for her to climb onto my hand. She likes to find a fold of shirt to curl up with, she'll also settle in against my neck, anywhere warm on me she'll curl up and stay there for however long I sit at the computer or tv. Just gotta be gentle with her as tarantulas are very delicate little critters.

    I don't even worry about it really and I've only had a tarantula for 4 days in my life, but there are plenty of aggressive old world species that would bite the piss out of you in the blink of an eye but even then I hear it's like a bee sting depending on the fangs.

    Do it man, they're awesome; this is the coolest pet I've ever had, just pick a good one for your first. Get a slow moving docile one, a friendly one; Chilean rose hairs are good beginners or hell I recommend a Oklahoma/Texas brown hair. It's what I got and I couldn't ask for a better tarantula, slow moving friendly and easy to handle.
  6. Definitely :D 
    I love how Chilean rose hairs look. My poor boyfriend is going to have to put up with having a big spider in our place lol.
  7. Aphonopelma are the most docile tarantulas on earth.
      These never bite.  They're actually more likely to flick their urticating hairs at you.
  8. Put the tarantula on your shoulder and then go out and try to pick up on chicks. Good luck!
     Actually, alot of really hot girls are tarantula lovers.  Some of them wouldn't ever let a person like you anywhere near them. 
     Thanks for shitting on OP's thread, though.
  10. Good answer!!!! i'd rep ya for it, but gc took away the reps.
  11. Oh HELL no. FUCK that. That thing would eat your brains if it could.
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    Also keep tarantulas but really a scorpion lover.
    I love fat tail scorpions.  Exotic, hardy, dangerous, and aggressive mofos.  Have lots of them lol.
    Androctonus australis, mauritanicus, and bicolors are my favorites.
  13. I actually walked into the living room with my gf chilling, she is an arachnophobe; like freaks out when she sees a spider web. She screamed and ran out the house. Score, didn't need no slag bag hangin offa my short arm anyway.
    Scorpions are amazing, I thought about getting one but I wouldn't be able to handle it as much and I like pets I can handle. That androctonus is a bad mofo right there, a lean mean killin machine if there ever was one
  14. This almost makes me want to get a tarantula. Never even had the thought to. Im not much of a pet person, maybe a dog but im not for having to walk it in rain and cold weather or picking up its shit......
    But a spider... seems chill. eats once a week? easy. 
    he sits on your head and chills when you watch tv? lol thats fucking awesome... 
  15. Well if you really want to handle scorpions then get an emperor scorpion or flat rock scorpions.  Way bigger than the more venomous species but hardy and easy to take care of as well as being way less aggressive of course lol.
  16. Tarantulas are the Shit! I had a green bottle blue and it was one of my fav pets ever, arachnids are awesome if given a chance. Your so lucky OP for the chance of owning such a chill awesome pet.
  17. I like ALL arachnids.  But out of all of them, i'd say solifugidae are the COOLEST.
     Unfortunately, they don't live long at all.  You can lengthen their lifespan by inducing torpor, by placing them in the fridge for a while.
     I have two eremobates sp from a trail about 7 miles from my home, they are really neat.  They are hardcore burrowers, they look like bulldozers when they push mounds of sand out of the burrow.  Really cool!
  18. Yeah their burrowing characteristics are definitely cool to watch.  Agressive mofos too but your definitely right about them not living too long.  At least not in captivity.
  19. That is pretty fucking awesome.  Makes me want to have one
  20. This prompted me to do some research.
    You have balls, OP. Your next move should be the Orange Baboon Tarantula.

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