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  1. Does anyone have any experience with tar catchers that aren't already in the bong?

    Something like these

    Glass small tar catcher intern - Glass@Online Smoke Accessories Store, Supplies quality Glass Bongs, Pipes and Smoke Accessories

    Glass small tar catcher mouth piece - Glass@Online Smoke Accessories Store, Supplies quality Glass Bongs, Pipes and Smoke Accessories

    Do I just put these in a bong that doesn't have one? Or is this geared towards poeple/companies making bongs that include tar catchers? Because I would really love a tar catcher, but I'd have to shell out ~$80 for a brand new bong, when I have a perfectly fine bong already.

    Looking forward to your replies :)
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    That looks to be a very low quality dome perc of sorts.

    You can't use it, it's for cheap companies making shit bongs.

    *edit* don't touch shit on that site, having looked around a bit.

    Also, percs are win some, lose some. I like hitting my non perced tube as much, it has very different dynamics.
  3. Damn. Is it possible to add a tar catcher to a bong, or do you have to buy one with one already in it?
  4. Tar catcher? Nevr heard that. If you mean add a perc, no you can't add that without some serious work being done to it, which I doubt anyone would do.
  5. Ah, damn. I guess I'll have to buy a new bong :/

    And what's wrong with that site? I'm a noob, so I need all the help I can get :)
  6. Aren't there like "Perc Cylinders" (at least that's what they look like) that you can put down the tube? And what about external Percolation? :smoking:
  7. For one...your not supposed to link other sites for smoking accesories, accept grasscity.
    And that web site has low quality glass.
    your much better finding locally blown glass.
    Are you reffering to an ashcatcher?
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    No, apparantly a tar catcher is a percolator.


    Like that one. I'm not sure if tar catchers are the same as percolators though, since (from what I've read) they are functionally the same as diffusers, but tar catchers do what the name suggests (or so I hear).

    How can you tell the glass is low quality?
  9. Tar catchers are slits in the glass with a sort of rounded ending that allow smoke to come through and as it goes through the slits it collects the tar and various other carcinogens that normally come through the smoke.

    The cool part about tar catchers are that they swirl the smoke in a sick way.

    I have a Tsunami which is a bong with a carb and has tar catcher slits. It was designed with cancer patients in mind, so its made to be smoked sitting up or laying down haha. The tar catchers swirl the smoke up the tube for an incredibly smooth hit.

    My brother has one of the new Helix's 3 in 1 pipes. it has a few tar catchers in it and swirls the smoke aswell.

    You can see they work as the slits and rounded end will be more resonated looking thank the rest of the glass
  10. Also, the glass appears to be inferior because of its shape. If you look closely at the pictures, you can see that it doesn't have the more perfected looking quality of hard glass.

    The soft glass, if you look closely in the pictures on that other website, the glass appears wavy to me and you can tell the heat somewhat morphed it about.

    Thats atleast what it appears to be to me. I could be wrong, I just started blowing glass and learned the difference between the two haha.

    But when I do go to buy glass, I look closely at the glass, and and make sure there isnt any signs of heat morphing, which is where when your finishing designing the pipe, the heat morphs the surrounding area of glass
  11. well the 2nd link one has a black screen at the bottom so that probably catches the tar. it looks good, id prob invest in one if i had a bong

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