Taproot issue

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  1. 8FEF31B0-3549-4CCE-964C-C7BAA6970A8B.jpeg Has anyone had an issue with there seedlings where the taproot seems stuck together and won’t split?
  2. Do you mean the seed shell is stuck?

  3. The seed shell was hanging off it but I removed it now it seems like the inner shell is stuck together somehow and won’t open
  4. Just give it time it'll come off. You can gently pull it off but you do run the risk of damaging the seedling.
  5. It's the membrane inside the seed shell. Just mist it with water to soften it and gently remove it with a toothpick.
    Good luck.
  6. Had this issue literally yesterday... I knocked off the little helmet, and was met with a membrane holding the leaves together... I thought the seedling was going to die because it looked pretty bad...

    I gently pulled on the membrane, and it moved it just enough for one of the leaves to pop out the side... Its not off the plant yet, but it fixed my problem.

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  7. 27E565FB-8A80-4589-9189-E11F2F649FFC.jpeg Thanks guys I ended up giving it a little spray and cut the membrane with my little harvest scissors and it came up good the next morning
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  8. I also recently started a seedling, plushberry strain.
    All the best bro, here's mine at 2 days old. [​IMG][​IMG]

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