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    Whatever he does is done in harmony with the principle of TAO. Whatever he produces is not kept in his own possession; whatever he does is not exhibited with pride; whatever he accomplishes is not dwelt upon with self-conceit. Because he avoids possession, and pride and self conceit, his accomplishments are kept in lasting memory.

    At the moment when one is able to concentrate his mind to the extreme of emptiness and is able to hold it there in serene tranquillity, then his spirit is unified with the spirit of the universe and it has returned to its original state from which his mind and all things in the universe have emerged as appearance.

    All things are in a recurring process of appearing and disappearing only to return to their original state. This may be called a kind of inertia a drag on activity and manisfestation, that brings all things back to their original state of composure. The original state is eternal. To understand this eternality of emptiness is enlightenment; without this enlightenment one's mind is engrossed in confusion and evil activity.

    Understanding this truth of eternality makes one merciful; mercy leads one to be impartial; impartiality results in nobility of character; nobility is like heaven. To be heavenly means to have attained Taohood. To have attained Taohood is to become unified with eternity. One can never die even with the decay of his body.

    Attaining higher conciousness through other methods anyone?
  2. WhY dO aLl ThE kIdS dO tHiS sHiT?
  3. ^ don't mind him OP.

    Great post vibe. I love the concept of the Tao. It has definitely helped me understand some things within me.

    Peace :)
  4. ^ don't mind him OP.

    All I was doing was posting what came most easily to mind. I was inspired to occasionally do things like this by a book called The Classic of the Way and Virtue. :D
  5. Maybe you could check out this book as well :)

    Tao Te Ching verse 15
  6. Yeah, that book I don't know. What is that one? :D
  7. Thanks Brother your kindness is welcomed and the book sounds very interesting ...little similar to the one i am reading right now. :smoke:

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