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    During the time of confucius Lao Tzu practiced Tao and Te and focused his teachings on humility and being nameless. He was keeper of the royal archives in the state of Chou. After he foresaw that the state would fall into decay, he packed his belongings and decided to leave through the western gateway. The gatekeeper, Yin-hsi, seeing that this great sage was about to leave the world said, "Master, you are about to renounce this world, please compose a book for me." There upon the "old master" came down from his oxcart, took out his pen and ink and began to compose a book of two parts, discussing Tao and Te. Several hours later, Lao-tzu handed the finished text of slightly more than five thousand characters to the gatekeeper and then departed toward the west.

    -Tea Guru
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    Verse 1

    A way that can be walked
    is not The Way
    A name that can be named
    is not The Name

    Tao is both Named and Nameless
    As Nameless, it is the origin of all things
    As Named, it is the mother of all things

    A mind free of thought,
    merged within itself,
    beholds the essence of Tao
    A mind filled with thought,
    identified with its own perceptions,
    beholds the mere forms of this world

    Tao and this world seem different
    but in truth they are one and the same
    The only difference is in what we call them

    How deep and mysterious is this unity
    How profound, for great!
    It is the truth beyond the truth,
    the hidden within the hidden
    It is the path to all wonder,
    the gate to the essence of everything!

    -Tea Guru
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    Verse 2

    Everyone recognizes beauty
    only because of ugliness
    Everyone recognizes virtue
    only because of sin

    Life and death are born together
    Difficult and easy
    Long and short
    High and low-
    all these exist together
    Sound and silence blend as one
    Before and after arrive as one

    The Sage acts without action
    and teaches without talking
    All things flourish around him
    and he does not refuse any one of them
    He gives but not to receive
    He works but not for reward
    He completes but not for result
    He does nothing for himself in this passing world
    so nothing he does ever passes

    -Tea Guru
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  5. Verse 3

    Putting a value on status
    will cause people to compete
    Hoarding treasure
    will turn them into thieves
    Showing off possessions
    will disturb their daily lives

    Thus the sage rules
    by stilling minds and opening hearts
    by filling bellies and strengthening bones
    He shows people how to be simple
    and live without desires
    To be content
    and not look for other ways
    With the people so pure
    Who could trick them?
    What clever ideas could lead them astray?

    When action is pure and selfless
    everything settles into its own perfect place

    -Tea Guru

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