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  1. The reason your tan is because your skin releases a certain chemical (starts with a M i think) to make it so your more resistant to UV rays. If so are there pills people can take to make their skin do that? I was just kinda curious. Because it would be so much more healthy than sitting in a cancer bed or laying out all damn day.
  2. Melanin. Unfortunately melanin cannot be taken orally. It's not a hormone nor enzyme so it doesn't get into your bloodstream. It's simply pigment made of amino acids. So basically, it would just be absorbed by your stomach and intestines, and just stay in the tissue. It would be impossible to inject your skin with it. It would be like getting tattoo. Very time consuming an imperfect it would be to cover your body. Besides, I'm not even sure if synthetic melanin exists. Its produced naturally in the skin by special cells. And for these cells to be activated, requires a negative feedback loop caused by radiation, so would still cause skin cancer.
  3. Bummer... big letdown.
  4. haha if it was possible to get tan from a pill...that bitch would be all over the market by now.

    Shit it woulda been sold, abused, and made illegal by now.
  5. Dude, just get out in the sun, get some Vitamin D.

    It feels good to get naturally tanned, go work in the yard or something.
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  6. This.
  7. lmfao im 1/4 native american
    i dont need sun i keep myself dark unless its winter then i lose it all... first month of spring im dark again.
    I was just wondering cuz im bored.
  8. They are currently developping a pill like this at Michigan. My biochem prof was yammering about it one day.
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    Actually there was a show that had inventors, and this guy made a pill that you could take and it would change the color of your skin, even if you wanted your skin to be green n shit.

    Maybe I can find it.

    Ah, it was on the show American Inventor, heres a quote from an article.

    "The next inventor is also full of self-confidence about his chances with the judges. He's a waiter, and asserts he has been confirmed to have a genius-level IQ. He is brimming with desire to become super-famous. He's positive the pill he's invented – in concept only, he has not actually made it – is a surefire hit. His plan is to use the beta-carotene in carrots to make a pill that could be used to dye the skin any color. The apparent lack of any significant back-up research leads the judges to quickly dismiss him. Outside the audition room, he complains about his misunderstood brilliance."

  10. err....:confused::confused: wait.... uhhhh.... so taking a pill is more healthy than laying out in the sun for a while?

    wow, so taking a man made pill designed to alter your body chemistry is now healthier than just soaking up rays as humans have since the....ummm.. beginning of our existence?

    I think your comment goes to show just how effective Pharmaceutical advertising has become in the recent years. Now doing natural things are no longer safe, and only pills can save you!
  11. You can get injections that produce melanin. It is in testing stages at the moment in Australia at the moment. The side effects are really bad such as vomiting dizzyness etc. Not worth it when there is enough sun as it is. A friend got hold of some and became really ill, crippling ill. If you get offered any say no.
  12. It's called Melanotan


    you have to order it off the internet from unverified sources and inject yourself with it :eek:

    But it gives you a good tan with no bad side effects (from what I've read)

    It was called the "Barbie drug". It's also a painkiller like asprin, and it supresses your appetite like adderall.... and it increases your libido. it's being researched for sexual disfunction.

    I'd take it if it were legal.. I don't know why they aren't working harder to test it and make sure it's safe so they can sell it, because they'd make tons of money.
  13. Wow 13 year olds everywhere would buy those things like hotcakes.

    Btw Sitting in the sun all day like some people do with suntan oil and shit is very bad for you.
  14. I'm guilty of sitting in a tanning bed.... it's so relaxing.

  15. Wasn't this the premis for the movie "Soul Man" with C.Thomas Howell?

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