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tampon joke

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by homack, Jun 3, 2003.

  1. Why is there a tiny bit of string on the end of a tampon?

    So you can floss your teeth after you finish eating.
  2. hahahah ahahah ahahahhhhaha hahha ah

    thats nasty hahahha
  3. thats fuckin sick
  4. i dont get it

  5. I laughed harder at livin than I did the joke! lol
  6. I knew the answer to that question!!!!!
  7. ..wouldnt put that one past you BH..
  8. thats really sick but funny
  9. Why do women skydivers where tapmons?

    To keep them from whistling on the way down.
  10. I thought it was to keep the beef curtains from flapping on the way down!!!!!!!!
  11. A husband asks his wife to pick him up some ciggerettes while she's at the store. When she comes home she gives him a box of tobbacco and some rolling papers and says "This was cheaper" The next day the wife asks her husband to pick her up some tampon at the local pharmacy while picking up their pills.. He asks the girl behind the counter, "Miss where are your tampons?" She points to an isle and then continues reading her magazine.. a few moments later the husband returns with a roll of string and some cotton balls along with a couple bottles of pills.. As the girl is ringing up the merchandice, she says "I thought you were looking for tampons?" and the husband replies "That's what the string and cotton is for...If I have to roll my own, so does she"

  12. Best joke evar :D
  13. no..... thats just nasty.... not kewl:(

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