tampa peeps

Discussion in 'General' started by Hazed, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. hit me up !
  2. If hazed offers you gay buttsekz, decline.

  3. Live around Tarpon Springs area here
  4. lookin for some down peeps to smoke with, but I unno

  5. I'm just jokin dude.
  6. I know biatch:wave:
  7. Not that it helps, but I grew up in Tampa... I went to Robinson High, by Macdill AFB. I also lived off Bush Blvd before that for many years, and friends all the way to Valrico, Brandon and all around Tampa... When I go home for a visit, I'll be sure to let you know, maybe we can hook up and smoke a bowl together then...

    ~ Terpsichore
  8. sounds like a plan, and bush blvd is right near bush gardens right? I love going there, esp on psychadelics. Year pass:hello:
  9. Haha dude riding a rollercoaster would be absolutely INSANE tripiin out
  10. Yeah.. I used to live right across from the Bush brewery, in some appartment complex.. it really sucked, but I met my only lifelong best friend there, so I've got some good memories... I had a year pass for Bush Gardens Adventure Island when I was in highschool... Spent more time at AI though because no one ever wanted to go to Bush Gardens with me :( Oh well... I still had fun!

    ~ Terpsichore

  11. Did it smell of hops where you lived?
    I know the neighborhood breweries are in usually stink of hops allover.
  12. lol AI is the shit cause you dont sweat to death ;D
  13. Go to Mosimax(sp?) on shrooms or acid, you will love that place there is so much fun shit to do, you will feel like a kid again.
  14. yes sir.

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