Talking on the phone with parents while high

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  1. Anyone else occasionally have to call parents, gf, bf, etc anyone that isn't okay with you smoking while high? About a week ago I called my mom because I kept thinking she had called me. She asked why I called and I told her I was returning her call. She confusingly responded "um I never called you" I made up some shit saying I had seen a missed call from like a week ago and hung up.

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    The End?
  3. /thread

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  4. Needs more dragons doe ..
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    And a wizard,,,
    ooo... and an adventure.. with halfings and elves....and and. oh wait... it's been done?   Damn! 
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    Littering AND... ?
  8. He hung up on his friction' mom. That's funny as hell......I think.
  9. You can use my phone to call your mum, just hit redial :p
  10. I had to block her number...why so many booty calls
  11. Someone's high..
  12. Littering AND, smoking the reefer!
    sorry I had to...
    But on a serious note its funny I found this topic because just the other day I was getting high with two friends and a third friend called to see where I was at and i'm not quite sure what happened but I guess I froze up and I started saying '' I don't know man I can't hear you!'' ''This shits breaking up man I can't hear you!'' while my two friends sat there with this stupid ass look on their faces while they listened to what my friend was clearly saying.
    Pretty stupid.. right?
  13. My dad always would call me right after I started smoking. Made me nervous talking to him since he doesn't know I smoke.
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    Sry bro butt dials from all the comotion. Hope you didnt hear my war cry.

    booty butt cheeks.
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  15. lol this made my day :D
  16. This thread has got to be the most pointless thread in quite a while.

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  17. you're fucked now.....she's on to your marijuana addiction. soon all of your relatives, even those from out of state, will show up at your door for an intervention.
  18. dude unless your mom was there in person you don't have to worry whatsoever.  You're on the phone with them what are they going to do if they ask you if you were high when you spoke? Say you're a liar?  Tell them you took some cold medicine or anything because they will never be able to prove you were high...

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