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Talked to a lady in walmart with lung cancer, Cannabis-Cures-Cancer.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BloodLust, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. So I am in walmart with my family, and we are talking about power bars, and she comes up and explains to us that she has cancer and she would suggest a certain item, we part ways, but shortly later I have this overpowering urge to tell her that there is other options besides the chemotherapy she is obviously suffering from.

    So, I tell my parents I am looking for razors and go to talk to her, I say hello, ask her what kind of cancer she has, she replies lung cancer " Dont Smoke", I am instantly shot down, but I go for it anyway, im pretty scared what her reaction will be considering she is in her 60's and what she had just replied to me.

    So I say "Well, haha about that! I just wanted to let you know, there is other options, out there. And that since the 70's our government has known that Cannabis cures cancer." She kind of looks at me with a odd look, but doesnt inturupt me so I continue, "In fact actually THC destroys cancer cells, and that I have known people who have defeated Lung Cancer using Cannabis, It also helps with gastrointestinal cancers via edibles. You dont even have to smoke, in fact you can vaporize and get only THC and CBD, without the Tar and undesired chemicals"

    She says " Well I wish we could, but at least I am doing well"
    I instantly say " Well I hope the best for you! Can I hug you? *she allows and I give her a quick hug*"

    She then replied "Yes, people at the cancer center have been saying to move out to California" A HUGE smile came onto my face, and said " Well you don't even have to move that far, Colorado is very Pro-Cannabis."

    She then replies " Well, I wish we could grow a couple plants outside in our yard haha *nudges her husband*"

    I then say " Well, in Medical Marijuana states you have that right, you dont have to visit dispensaries if you want to grow your own." I had her hooked, so I switched to politics " In fact our Congressmen Lamar Smith for our district , lobbies against any sort of Cannabis related bills, for that he gets donated an average of 63,000 dollars by Chemotherapy companies, Beer & Wine companies & Cancer Treatment Companies."

    She shakes her head and looks at her husband " It doesn't surprise me"

    I reply saying " Its a shame he is so corrupt the, only way to find what his interests are is to follow the money trail. Also we are in the biggest drought since the 1800's and he is shipping the water we need to survive to the oil fields, so they can make mud. "

    Her husband chimes in saying " The reason they aren't legalizing it is because they cant make money off of it"

    I look at him and say " Absolutely, in fact its all the Big Pharmaceutical companies who cant make a pill out of it and patent it, it has too many compounds to be that simple, They just cant outsmart Mother Nature"

    Right before we part ways I say " Next year, vote out Lamar Smith, and Vote in Ron Paul!"

    They laugh and say " I think we should vote them all out"

    I say " I hope you the very best! Visit the website if you have ANY questions on how to be active in our area, they have a chapter in Austin Texas and you can be active. I pass out Cannabis-Cures-Cancer flyers with information on the subject and how to contact them for assistance."

    She asks if I have one and I unfortunately did not.

    So that was our convo. I feel very accomplished as it was my first time confronting someone like that.
  2. Keep on witnessing man, conversations like this make a difference.
    What a great opportunity to spread the pro's of cannabis and its medical benefits.
  3. I'm surprised it went well Hopefully she'll be fine.
  4. thats tight
  5. Well, about 2 hours before hand I had a Red Mohawk, but I JUST got a haircut for school starting up.

    Im surprised it went so well too. As soon as I got home I got on NORML and contacted a volunteer and a director asking for .PDF files for Pro-Cannabis/Cannabis-Cures-Cancer flyers so I can print them out and post them on local businesses.

    Im currently awaiting a response.
  6. hey man do you live in florida?? i noticed u said ron paul? and thats awesome man!!! I learned some new facts! and hope all goes well with that lady
  7. No San Marcos Texas, right by Austin Texas, which is why I mentioned that specific chapter in NORML. Man I wish I could have had a Flyer. But I gave her all the information to contact them and get any information on Cannabis or if she wanted to be active.

    I would have talked about the economic parts of legalization but I felt I had already taken up too much time, it was like a 10 minute conversation with a huddle of people listening to us talk in the middle of the aisle.
  8. Wow nice job man. I always try and tell my dad all these facts and how it's not bad but when I stump him he just says, I don't want to argue about who said we r argueing?

    Lol but nice job man, spread the word
  9. Cannabis doesn't cure cancer. These threads make me shake my head.
  10. It doesn't cure cancer. It can help with some ofthe symptoms, namely pain, nausea, and loss of apetite.
    That's it.
  11. I carry little slips of paper with my "Granny's MMJ List" email on it. (the same one that's at the bottom of my sig) I just tell them to email me and I'll send them the proof that cannabis is a medicine, or to just run a search for "Granny Storm Crow".
  12. #14 BloodLust, Aug 7, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    I cited a lot of info from your page if you want to look at my most recent .PDF Flyer in the legalization section. If you want to skim over it to ensure you're okay with it, I was planning on putting the FB page link on it.[done].pdf
  13. Too bad Lamar Smith is assigned to HR 2306; the bill that would end prohibition on cannabis.
  14. #16 BloodLust, Aug 7, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    There's a new bill and it should bypass that entire process. Hopefully. I'm not sure of the name of the bill.
  15. 2306 was just introduced on June 23 IIRC.

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