talk up your friends?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Slilent, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. i got a few close friends u know they do me favors ill throw em so gas n shit.
    I always feel the need to talk em up call em playboy or pimp lol cause it makes laugh most the time there smiling lol while we kick it anyone else do this just for the sake of making friends smile n cheering them up if they need or just giving that extra confident boost?
  2. I'm so confused, are you a pimp?
  3. I would offer insight, however, I do not fully understand the question.

    Do you call them Pimp and Playa because you want to, or because you believe that is the only time they laugh/etc. when you are around???
  4. I have a few younger friends that do this. It doesnt bother me at all.

    Some people talk differently than others. Be yourself man. Dont let haters change u. :D
  5. lol no i do it cause i want to lol those arent theo nly 2 thigns i call them but lol i also use bro bean jsut for the fuck of it lol i do it cause everyone needs hear something a lil postive during the day right?
    srry this is my first time smoking today in over 3 weeks
  6. hahah its all good man. Just be yourself. If thats what u like to call people then do it.

    U dont need our approval. :D

  7. lmfaoo how is this positive? I'd sure as hell laugh, just because i say shit like this also
  8. Me and my best friends are always in a great mood when were together, always crackin jokes and makin each other laugh. Sometimes we talk about awesome shit weve done in the past, and be like ya man, u were fuckin sweet that night. Sometimes we make up ridiculous ruthless comments and cut each other up but everyone knows its just for jokes and we all laugh about it. Everyones got a nickname

    Sometimes I talk up my friends to new people, like the other weekend I put in a good word for my buddy to this girl we met at a party, told her some sweet stories and got em laughing and he banged her later that night haha. All true stuff, I dont go lying about some random shit

    Just havin good times together, thats why were best friends, because we enjoy each others company, like sometimes it brings a smile to my face just walking in and seeing them at a party.

    And when negative things happen in life, we always got each others backs, if they wanna get some stress off their chest and talk about some shit, and it always stays between us.

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