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Discussion in 'General' started by the butcher, Aug 7, 2003.

  1. today i was watcing t.v. and i stumbled apon a talk show. it was about parents and kids and paternity tests and stuff, but before they started doing all that they had a married couple on there. so i was wathcing them and then i was thinkin thats not special enough to be on a talk show. until i found out the husband was 14 years old, and the wife was 42. i was thinkin wtf, thats illegal. but i guess you can get married in alabama when your 14. i just thought that was messed up.
  2. humm.. alabama, creeeeepppyyyy
  3. damn thats fucking crazy! so nasty! who the hell would want a 42 yr. old when your only like 14
  4. pots illegal too you know.. well, most places.

    i read in the newspaper today that britney spears and jennifer lopez might be getting their own talk shows.. yay... NOT
  5. who watches talk shows anyways. i mean, theire dumb, stupid, moronic, underachieving, braindead, helpless, dementing, mentally challenged, inbreeded, thoughtless and totally uninteresting.
    That poor bastard will be married to a 70 year old woman when HE'S 42...

    You think she'll make him quit school to get a job???

  7. Ha! That was The Maury Show I saw that. I thought it was funny that the husband (the 14 year old) was his best friend's (the 42 year old womans son from a previous marriage) step-dad!

    Good Stuff. ...but that lady is sick.

    Wow, that is awfully close-minded of you to write off an entire genre of television like that. I think talkshows have their place. Personally, I watch them because I like to laugh. Jerry Springer is hilarious! I don't watch because I'm actually interested in the plight of the 2 toothless transexual gladiators battling it out on stage in nothing but their underoos. Its a spectacle. Its entertainment. I watch talkshows for the same reason people gather to watch paramedics pound on the chest of an accident victim. Pure morbid facination.

    The fact is that talkshow producers and wrestling promoters (Vince MacMahn, CEO of the WWE suddenly came to mind) have finally learned to exploit this human instinct. Good for them. They make money. Good for us. We are entertained.

    Its actually rather ingenious when you think about it.
  8. It is human to thrive off the misfortunes of others...

    I am guilty...
  9. i'm sorry. i believe i jumped to this thread after the "smallest political quiz" thread, and i was in a bad mood. allthough i don't like trash shows like springer, oprah, sandy or whatnot there are more serious, well, debate shows that i do enjoy.

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