Talk about trying to evade police for MJ

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  1. That wasn't evasion, that was retaliation. This is what happens when citizens start to reach their limit. You know you've pushed a man too far when he decides he's going to run over all the city police cruisers with a tractor. I suspect we're going to start seeing a lot more of this type of behavior from fed up Americans in the near future.
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    yep yep yep...been saying this for some time...people are being pushed too far, to long and told to 'eat cake' to often..while the elite sip on champagne and eat gold plated truffles while deciding who to screw next.
  3. Very true. Should of just lit them on fire, less evidence and less chance of getting caught.

    Hows he plan on getting away on a tractor? They caught him a mile down the road
  4. The really shitty part is that the tax payers of that city are the ones who will have to pay for the damages. I think the article said $250,000 was the estimated cost.
  5. Yea, and this is the gov'ts inflated ass estimates. They'll replace those 2002 Crown Vics with 100,000 miles with brand new 2012 Expeditions or something.

    I'm sure thats why all those Taxi drivers buy old police cars, because 7 of them add up to $250k, I smell B.S.

  6. Big deal

    We got all the money in the world, we just gave away 70 billion dollars to Israel :D
  7. Well, I have to take issue with that statement.

    We don't HAVE all the money in the world, we just keep PRINTING more, more, more. So, we can't HAVE all the money in the world, if we keep making it, can we?
  8. Go on away from here!!! Why'd they go and do that?
  9. Hahhaha great job aslong as no cops were hurt, just doing their job
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  11. Well thank DAWG that everything is running so well here in the USA and nobody needs financial aid of any kind huh...
    nope, no aid needed here in the USA, nobody needs food, jobs, homes, healthcare, ya,we can afford to send billions to support more warfare, more nukes, more deaths..more footholds in other countries with oil, mineral, slave labor forces...

    Nothing like spreading freedom, liberty and democracy, one bomb at a time...:wave:
  12. Thanks for the link. Like cball said, they act like we don't need to be helping our own people right here at home. The other day I heard that our country is 25th in math. Of all the other countries in the world, we are 20 frickin' 5th in math! Right here in Kentucky, I think it was 19% of our kids can't read, or read on levels far below where they should be just to meet the average. But they keep cutting our education budgets every chance they get.

    We have our own poverty stricken areas, lots of them! And it's getting worse everyday. For the first time ever in the 37 years that I have lived here, I am seeing people standing on street corners with buckets asking for charity for all the new food banks being organized in the county. We've always had what you would call poor people, but for the most part the churches took care of them through congregation donations. So you could say we really just took care of our own. Now, those people living on the other side of the tracks are needing hand outs too. It's really quite scary when you sit and think about it. It makes me wonder, when's it going to happen to me?
  13. Another tick mark on the failure of our Federal Drug War

    Hope he doesn't go to jail too long
  14. just doing your job is not acceptable when you know what your doing at your job is wrong. this mindset is whats letting cops and politicians get away with murder.
  15. [quote name='"BongRips4Life"']

    just doing your job is not acceptable when you know what your doing at your job is wrong. this mindset is whats letting cops and politicians get away with murder.[/quote]

    Cops can be dicks i know from firsthand experience, but nobody deserves to be killed for it
  16. More money is NOT the answer for education.
    If it was, Jefferson County would be at the top in education, but it is actually dragging down the rest of the state.
    If it was, the United States would be #1 NOT #25, but at least our self-esteem is high!
  17. Cmon man you know better.

    This is the U.S., you don't have to be smart, just have to act smart.
  18. I HIGHLY doubt he was trying to evade. He knew he was going to jail before he even stepped in that tractor.
  19. I am proud to call myself an American...

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