Taking week long break off opiates.

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  1. hey GC, Ive been doing opiates like, 40-60mg of Oxycontin or roxycodone a day. Spend about 60-80 bucks a day for me and my girl, (Yes Prices for pills are fuckin nuts in syracuse, im paying 60 for an OC 80.) So i am taking a week long break, Wish me luck guys =)
  2. a day for how long? if its been a while, good luck dude.
  3. o thats not bad at all.

    you'll be more than fine
  4. I'd advise more than a week long break, and less frequent dosing.

    Oxys are dagnerous
  5. Dude you're lucky you aren't going to keep going for a few more days. I'm on day 4 of my withdrawal from 70-90mg a day for about 3 weeks. I'm feeling a little better than yesterday so tomorow I'll feel better than today and so on. It feels awesome when you finally get over the worst of it because you know you'll be able to sleep again soon. The worst part are the sleepless nights of just sweating in your bed and winding up watching the sunrise like 4 mornings in a row. It just plain fucks with your head in a terrible way. Everyone says it, but I'd honestly never wish opiate withdrawal on anyone. I was reading Harry Potter, the second one, last night and for anyone who's read it, oxycontin withdrawal is just dementors straight up coming to your house and following you around all day. The book honestly describes all the feelings perfectly. Fiinding that comparison is actually the only thing thats made me feel "happy" in like 6 days because I've been dreading this withdrawal so much. Sorry to vent, but I haven't even left the house this week except to get a carton of cigs and some melatonin for when I might be alble to sleep.

    Just don't fuck around with opiates unless you don't have solid connect or want to burn the fuck out too young like I've been doing for the past year or so. At least 10 of the kids I used to hang out with BEFORE the age where everyone starts doing drugs have been in and out of rehab since like 11th grade. Shits fucked up over in Jersey; just don't come here. Everyone smells like shit and thinks they're better than you. Either that or they're practically burried in a mound of their own sorrows about some form of addiction. Regardless, fuck NJ.
  6. man i was addicted to OC's and roxi 30s and morphin and i got on suboxone which is an opiate used to prevent opiate w/ds and stop cravings, just like methadone and i havent had a problem sence
  7. ya opiate withdrawal is a bitch,hope you feel better man
  8. lol nj isn't that bad for me. you probably just live in a shit town. but yeah, people get into rehab mad early.... :rolleyes:

  9. Yeah i get suboxone from my neighbor, Shes a wicked pill addict, Fuckin watched her eat 4 60mg OCs in a day, the red ones.
  10. suboxone is a life saver, but be careful because suboxone withdrawal sucks just as bad if not worse.
  11. Definitly man. Just take the subs for like 6 days tops and then deal with whatever minor withdrawal symptoms you get after that because its not worth just swapping addictions so you don't feel terrible immediatly.
  12. Ive been using opiates for 2 months approaching 3. More specifically i am using heroin Intravenously. My tolerance is shooting up like crazy lately. good luck with kicking the habit but dope is awesome

  13. Im never touching heroin or coke, Just a thing i dont want to get into.

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