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Taking things so seriously when high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChiefBuddha, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. have you ever noticed that when your high you take everything like its the most important thing and your on some game show? when im doing anything like texting i just have the most determined mindset and look and then after im like wtf and laugh my ass off. that was so fucking hard to type. got love for all you
  2. I've noticed that too haha. I get very focused when lit.
  3. When i get into arguments with friends it does get very surious, when it comes down to insulting and shit it kind can be very unpleasent. Thats why i stay away from arguing to a point where it gets personel, but arguing over stupid shit like "whats the best gun to use in the war..." idk man, we talk about stupid when we're fucked up.
  4. the best gun in the world hahahahaha wtf
  5. Haha so true man.. this thread just made me laugh out loud at all the dumb shit I've talked about high. good times
  6. Haha yeah, i just get so focused on whatever I'm doing, but i do a great job or am i just high?

  7. I can't even remember haha, i was so blazed but ya a day with me n my friends ur guaranteed to laugh ur ass off cuz we're so into the convo and there's always the 1 person who says "what", then its a chain someone else says "what..." then we end up talking about sumtin else hahaha.
  8. hahaha this shits making me laugh my ass off. thats how it is with my friends we'll be talking about something and then my buddy will be like "WE ARE HAVING, THE STUPIDEST CONVERSATION EVER" then we're like wtf and just laugh our ass off and we go get food...every time

  9. Dam son... i wish i can remember, imma have to post it when im high because you have to be there when we're conversating. its like we're clueless about wat we're saying, if you dident see us sobber you'd think we're brain dead or sumtin :)
  10. I tend to get focused on little things like that, too, when I'm blazed. It makes me perfect things, I like it.
  11. that's exactly why i love it especially when i'm out having a fun jam skateboarding because when I'm trying to bust a trick, that's all I'm focusing on nothing else

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