Taking Pipe On A Plane

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  1. So I flew over to Florida on vacation with my parents(I still live with them) and while here I purchased a pipe, my parents hate me smoking so I did it behind their back, I have not smoked anything out of it yet, it is a wooden pipe.... So here it's the question if I were to take this on the plane as a carry on would I be questioned about it by airport security? Because I do not want my parents to know that I have this piece
  2. errrmmm keep it in your luggage and if your 18 tell security its a tobacco pipe, or a gift for someone back home. you shouldn't run into probs. with security though. be safe and dont carry it with you. just put it with your clothes and such.
  3. No you will not be questioned, its unused. And its wood. Just dont have it in your pocket. You will be ok.
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    as long as it's unused, nobody will care about it.
    just dont smoke out of it until you get it home.

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