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Taking Pictures of Bud

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by boerboom89, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Im having difficulty in taking a good quality picture of my buds. theyre allways blurry or outta focus...:confused: do you have any tips to make them turn out? ex. ligthing, camera settings...

    Please help, I really wanna get some of my danks on here....
  2. If your camera has a macro setting, use it. If you can, set the camera on something so it doesn't wobble.
  3. im having a hard time taking pictures too.. i have a 7.2mp camera.. the kodak m763. ive tried so many different ways.. is 7.2 too low still? And yeah.. it's on the macro settings.. with that flower.
  4. take pics in the daylight...not a lightbulb...turn off your flash...and make sure you arent moving while your taking your picture...and yea i agree with ACCOG macro setting i believe its a little flower looking icon...let me know how it works out for you...i love seeing peoples pictures...and love seeing there weed more lol
  5. mine is a 3.2 mp... get alot of light on it use macro and get real close.

  6. would you consider bulb or natural
  7. Natural lighting will make your pics look a lot better, but you'll need plenty of light either way.

    Definitely use the macro setting like others said, as well as a tripod or a make-shift tripod, like just setting your camera down on a stable surface for instance.

    If your pictures are still coming out blurry, experiment with how far away the camera should be from the subject. It may just be that you have the camera positioned too closely.

    I can't really think of any other tips at the moment. :confused_2:

  8. this girl knows her shit...why do you have to live so far away! haha

  9. 'Cause Oregon is fuckin' awesome! Duhhh. ;):smoking:

  10. haha you aint lieing! one of my good friends is from oregon...he said he use to get the best medical there...but now he is down in D*town!

  11. It's okay, we have a Dallas here too.

    No, really, we do! :D

  12. ours is better :p

  13. I won't disagree with that. I'm betting ours is pretty tiny in comparison. ;)
  14. Just put the camera mode on macro, use the flash or sunlight to stop motion blur, and make sure it isnt to close to be out of focus.

    Megapixals dont mean nearly as much as what sales persons tell you, you can get a good macro with a 3mgpxl camera. Your camera can only get as close as 10cm to the subject, try hold it farther then that in macro mode with either flash on or in sunlight.

    I've got an idea... ;)
  15. my pics are pretty good... i used to take a batch of pictures then pick the best but now i can nail my budshots pretty easily.

    some general tips

    -turn on macro mode
    -don't snap too close -- it's easier to zoom and crop than it is to deal with a picture that's out of focus.
    -take some with flash and without flash
    -lean against something and hold breath to stablize camera
    -Focus your picture on the LCD before taking picture (half press)
    -you can use the 2-second countdown timer to elminate hand shake

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