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Taking MMJ on AMTRAK

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by farnam, Jan 5, 2011.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm a registered patient under the guidelines set by prop 215 and have even participated in the state county program, granting me a state mmj card. However, I'm planning to take half an oz of my homegrown Chemdog and some other buds from San Diego to LA using the Amtrak train. As I've never rode using Amtrak IDK how strict their policies/security are. So I have two questions about this trip.

    #1 Regardless of medical or not, how strict are the staff/security or whoever is responsible when it comes to frequency of searches if I'm traveling such a short distance?

    #2 Am I still guaranteed my rights to possess on the train?

    Any other input would be helpful. Thanks a lot guys!
  2. ive taken a half pound back home on an amtrak train and greyhound bus. there is no security or searches done. put it in an air tight container and your fine (wrap the jar in plastic wrap/cling wrap if your uneasy about the whole thing) as long as they can't smell it it wont be a problem. and in all honesty if you can fly out of oakland with an ounce, taking a train shouldnt be a big deal
  3. i think you risk your life for it,you cross the air traffic.
  4. I have no idea how accurate this report is,or how often such things occur. Remember, if they are federal, you have no rights

    Drug Bust on Amtrak Train [California Zephyr perhaps?]
  5. ^^^

    I love how no matter how many posts there are urging me not to worry, it only takes one post like this to freak me out a little. lol

    It seems like I'm all systems go regardless though. Probably things will go okay.
  6. your all good man. its legal to tansport your medicine within the state.
  7. ya dont trip, those were set up to catch people smuggling from the west to the east. not from la to sd lol
  8. what about amtrak from wash dc to michigan? any thoughts? for under an ounce?

  9. you're going through other states, i don't think thats a good idea dude, just buy some when you get there
  10. just watch out for those cavity searches...be sure to get someone with small hands...:eek:

  11. so you have a med card, carrying legally, and you're traveling within california, which, even if you didn't have a med card, carrying under an ounce warrants the same penalty as a parking ticket

    why is this a problem?
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    You're on Federally owned transportation, under the jurisdiction of Federal Marshals, who do not recognize MMJ and who will charge you under federal law...

    Amtrac has a histroy of doing things like this
    cannabisnews.com: Amtrak Snitches On Riders for Profits

    So, do not, under any circumstances, carry over 110.231131 pounds with you. :)
  13. If youre really worried sell the ounce and hit me up when you get to la ill take you to my collective
  14. its not jurisdiction of marshals, its the amtrak police. amtrak has their own federal police force and they enforce federal laws. my dads one.

  15. I have taken cannabis on amtrak before. I never realized they followed federal law like that. If you have a card, and you have an oz or two on you I cannot fathom an Amtrak cop wanting that paperwork of busting someone over something that could cause a court case of state vs federal rights. But then again I question our law enforcements foresight into the ramifications of such actions.

    But on the other side i really doubt they are looking for it and unless you are being blatant and stinking up the area around you i doubt you realistically have anything to worry about on amtrak.

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