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Taking hits from pipes in comparison to Js

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by koii, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. So I've been smoking for almost two years now, but exclusively through joints and the occasional blunt. Never really tried smoking from a bowl before since I'm usual toking by myself. I finally invested in a dry glass sherlock and I'm loving it, but I don't know if I'm inhaling correctly. I know how to use the carb correctly to re-cherry the mj and to clear the pipe, but am I supposed to suck, THEN inhale as if smoking a cigarette or joint, or am I supposed to be inhaling while sucking when using a piece? I tried both ways and got bigger rips when I inhaled while sucking, but it was weird to me since I'm used to j's and I'm not sure which is the correct way.
  2. Take it like your breathing normal air.
  3. So to inhale while sucking? Like I inhale it straight into my lungs while drafting instead of keeping in my mouth first like a cigarette?
  4. hold your finger over the carb hole.
    light the herb, i like to corner it to save on green hits.
    suck in like you are hitting a joint.
    remove the lighter once it is lit.
    once you have a nice hit let your finger off the carb hole and inhale deeply.

    basically the carb hole allows you to fill the bowl up with smoke.
    once you release your finger from the carb it is letting you inhale all inside the pipe
  5. Ah, alright. Thanks thanks, I understand now. What I was doing was inhaling while sucking, then releasing the carb after about 90% of the inhals. This is really harsh transitioning from papers.
  6. youll figure it out. just takes practice.

    get yourself a nice bong & you wont have to worry about this.
    plus you will get 10x higher.
  7. Maybe I will, I'm in love with bowls now. Really such a hassle rolling up, this is literally pack and light. I love it.
  8. Buy a bong, I know where you can get one for $10. PM me

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