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  1. I reveged a northern lights #5 beauty and have had decent growth, the plant is very healthy, and two pistils are busting out everywhere under a 18/6 light cycle. I'm wondering about lighting schedules and nutes for the clones i take. I've got a 600 watt mh/hps so i would like to keep both the mother and budslinger's bubble cloner under there. But I read that clones do best with 24/0 cycles. And I would like to take the mother to 20/4 because those two pistles are coming through WAY too soon. Temperatures and ventilation are not a problem.

    So to summarize:

    What light schedule should my clones be on?
    What light schedule should my mother be on after I take the clones?
    Would it be acceptable to have both under a 20/4 cycle?
    What nutes should I use in the budslinger's bubble cloner?
    Are those two early pistils being everywhere like that so early a strange thing or did it become an autoflower?

    ANYONES answers or input would be appreciated. Many many thanks.
  2. If you veg a plant for about 6 weeks (some strains maybe less) it will start to show preflowers in the veg cycle. My White Widow showed them at about 6-7 weeks of veg.

    20-4 would be acceptable yes, but if you're going to do that much you should probably just do a 24hr light schedule. I've seen some people stunt a mother plant after taking clones so it doesn't get huge. (24hrs of light makes it grow noticeably faster than say, 18). But if you're wanting the most growth all the time, 24hrs is the way to go.

    I always veg in a 24-0 cycle with outstanding and rapid growth results. I also keep my clones in 24-0 cycle until they're ready to flower. Then I just stick them in my 12-12 light cycle area and let them go!
  3. thank you for the reply. any other ideas please
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    i keep the mother on 18/6, but clones doo seem to do better under 24 hrs of light, and your useing a buble cloner just use plain water for cloning, you dont need anything else in the water...abd the two pistils that are forming every where are most likley your pre-flowers just showing you what sex your plant is

    EDIT: if i were you i would put the mom on 24hrs light to reverse the flowering process quicker, i find that after you harvest and want to re-veg the mom will switch much quicker back to veg if its on a 24 hrs light schedual
  5. thanks joe. ph'd plain water and 24 hour light. i'll probably put the mother back under 24 hour light after i take the clones. put it back to 18/6 when the clones (hopefully) grow roots. first time cloning.

    any other advice would be appreciated
  6. the mother will do fine on 18/6 and it will save you energy($), what i was saying is when re-veging a plant its better to reveg on 24 hrs because it stops bieng in flower mode and goes to veg mode alot quicker, after its in veg mode you can kick it back to 18/6, and take your cluttings from it, then when you put your cuttings in the cloner you leave the cloner on 24hrs light, and keep the mother always on 18/6 from this point on

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